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  • Retail education: The real science behind WPC

    FCNews Ultimate Guide to WPC: July 17/24, 2017 By Bill Treiber   The emergence of WPC (wood plastic composite) core flooring into the LVT and LVP product sector has accelerated in recent years. In this article, I explain what WPC is and how it differs from other products in the market. Though it may be defined differently depending on the person/company you ask, WPC cores are basically a mixture of

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    Retail Education: Negatives make positives

    By Kelly Kramer July 22/29; Volume 27/Number 7 So often in sales we tend to leap headfirst into selling. We greet our new customers and move straight to selling a product we like or the company has asked us to push.  This technique makes us just like every other salesperson out there and lets our potential buyer know we have no concern for their given situations. It’s like the car

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    Relax, do the footwork

    Volume 26/number 28 June 10/17, 2013 by Kelly Kramer For many of us old timers in retail flooring sales, we understand there seems to be no rhyme or reason for sales being up or down. The only times I’m pretty sure will be slow are the last two weeks of August and three weeks after Christmas. Then the traditional spikes in business are before any holiday and when folks figure

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    retail education: My Schlüter experience

    by Kelly Kramer Well it’s been about 27 years since I took my first job as a retail flooring salesperson. During my initial 17 years I didn’t work or manage a store that sold tile or stone. So when I wrote my first product knowledge book, “Selling Clean,” I had to do very extensive research to write the chapter on those products. It was about that time I started to

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    Retail education: Quality takes time

    By Kelly Kramer Volume 26/Number 26; May 13/20, 2013 Often in an effort to generate dollars immediately, we forget that selling bottom line and cutting corners to win a bid are harmful to our future. Having gone through the last five years of a downturn economy put many of you in survival mode. That often means lowering margins and believing you had to lower the quality of your work to match

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    Retail Education: The phenomenon

    Volume 26/Number 25; April 29/May 6, 2013 By Kelly Kramer Earlier this year I encountered a situation that you, as a retailer, may have already had happen to you. Or maybe it will never happen. A customer called me to complain that the carpet we installed nine months ago in her home was getting large spots on it. Only twice before in my career—which has spanned over 25 years—had I seen

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    After-sale follow-up

    by Kelly Kramer This article is from page 49 in my 184-page training manual “Selling Clean In Retail Flooring.” Is this a plug to sell my books and layout tools? You bet it is. But I’m always proud to show you various ways to help your buyers and grow your income. The category that keeps good salespeople from becoming great is generally the starting point. When you think about how

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    Can meatballs be your competitive advantage?

    by Lisbeth Calandrino Several years ago I took a trip to Ikea in New Jersey. Ikea is the largest furniture store in the world with over 10,000 items on display. After a tour of the store, a stop at its day care center and, of course, a plate of Swedish meatballs, I took out my notebook and my pen and convinced my companion to help me interview customers coming out

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    Retail education: Match maker

    by Kelly Kramer The television and radio stations are flooded with commercials telling you that you need to pay them to find you a mate. My personal opinion on this is so many people have made poor choices for mates/spouses in their past they feel they need guidance the second, third or fourth time around. I got very lucky the first time around when I married my wife Anne. But

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    Retail education: Show some appreciation

    Volume 26/Number 22; March 18/25, 2013 It seems to me our world is becoming a more crass and negative place to live. The majority is no longer polite. The art of “how to win friends” as well as doing business with a good old trusting handshake is gone. It’s morphed to a blatant style that resembles blackmail and hard-selling tactics. Even our politicians­—who everyone knew were bought and paid for—used to

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    Floor Covering News

    Press Release

    Carpet One reveals 2017 pink ribbon welcome mat

    Manchester, N.H.—Carpet One Floor & Home released its 2017 collection of pink ribbon welcome mats to support breast cancer research, with 18 new mats that are stylish, humorous or whimsical to

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    Armstrong Flooring raises Airbase dealers to ‘Elite’ status

    Lancaster, Pa.—Armstrong Flooring has announced that all 12 AirBase Carpet and Tile superstore locations have achieved Elite Retailer status. The retailers serve markets in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, South Jersey and

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    Galleher, 3M provide support for fire relief

    San Francisco—Galleher and 3M are partnering to help those impacted by the fires in California. Both companies are sending food, clothing and supplies to people in need in Napa, Solano

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