QFloors continues to blaze the B2B tech trail

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Salt Lake City, Utah — Just as QFloors was one of the first companies to make B2B available to flooring customers, the software provider continues to be a trailblazer in providing new B2B technology to the industry. During Surfaces, QFloors will be demonstrating Instant Stock Check, one of many new features of QFloors 6.0.

The feature allows a person filling out a customer invoice in QFloors to click on a product and instantly check availability from the manufacturer. QFloors President/CEO Chad Ogden explains, “Traditionally, if you needed to check on availability, you would have to either call the manufacturer or distributor on the phone, or possibly (if the supplier has that technology) go to their website, search for the right product, and check how much is in the warehouse. Now at the click of a mouse, you can instantly know what is available. This information is available 24/7 from anywhere – your computer, your laptop, your smart phone, your notebook or iPad. So whether you’re on the showroom floor with a customer or at lunch with a client, you have the information you need to close and schedule the sale with confidence. You no longer have to take the time to call the supplier or search through their website.”

This B2B function is an industry-wide effort, and QFloors is the first company to offer it to customers. However, manufacturers are currently finishing up on their end, so full usage is dependent upon their completion date and will vary by company.

Reaction from QFloors customers has been enthusiastic. “At a recent training meeting, we showed customers how this feature works,” Ogden said, “And it was funny – there was a loud and resounding WOW, all in unison and on cue, from the roomful of people.”

Chad Ogden has been deeply involved in B2B from the onset. As a member of the original team of professionals who worked together to help define the standard, he has contributed his expertise as a software professional for many years. Ogden currently serves on the industry B2B committee as secretariat, co-chair of membership, and as a member of the Future Technology Committee.

He feels passionately about the importance of continuing to develop and push automation and technology in the industry. “Technology gives our dealers a competitive advantage and makes them more profitable. That’s the reason behind everything we do. The benefits to dealers have never been more obvious than in these turbulent last 4 years. The majority of QFloors customers have stayed in business, while a significant portion of their competitors did not. If staying in business is not important to someone, I don’t know what is.”

QFloors will be demonstrating Instant Stock Check, along with many other new features, at the upcoming Surfaces convention in Las Vegas.



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