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Laticrete Supercap, manufacturer of the self-leveling Laticrete Supercap System, knows that the success of any organization can be directly attributed to the strength of its team. On July 1st of last year, Laticrete International, Inc., had announced a joint venture partnership with Supercap to form Laticrete Supercap.  Almost immediately, there was a buzz throughout the industry that “The Power of the Pump had joined with Innovative Flooring Leader.” 

Brad Fulkerson

“These two companies getting together made a lot of sense,” stated Brad Fulkerson, Managing Director of Laticrete Supercap. “Both firms had years of experience within the commercial construction sector. In particular, extensive knowledge relative to the importance of having a perfectly flat, deflection-free concrete slab prior to the installation of finished floor covering. We knew there would be something special when offering the benefits of the state-of-the-art Supercap process, now being backed with the well-respected and successful long-term track record which Laticrete has earned worldwide.”

Harold Fleming

When Fulkerson was appointed Managing Director of Laticrete Supercap, he was afforded

another luxury. “I was extremely fortunate to acquire a highly professional, proactive sales team consisting of individuals who worked extremely well with each other,” he exclaimed. “To begin with, each member of our sales group has between five and ten years working with the previous company. They know everything about ‘The Next Generation Slab’ inside-and-out… and on top of that, they all have worked on the contractor side, as well. As a result, they have a clear understanding of the entire process, from both sides.”

John Sacco

Currently, Fulkerson’s elite sales team of John Sacco, Michael Schilling and Harold Fleming, each coming from the former company prior to the joint venture with Laticrete, focuses upon a specialized construction genre that includes architects, engineers, concrete contractors, general contractors and building owners. A major component of their mission is to educate these important segments of the construction community on the attributes associated with the cutting-edge process they are offering.

To add to that mix, Laticrete Corporate Marketing Manager, Maria Oliveira, is playing a major role, as well. “Maria understands just how important it is to disseminate helpful information that helps construction professionals become even more professional. She has taken this regimen which has worked well for Laticrete in the past, and immediately implemented it with our programs,” stated Sacco, who is working closely with Oliveira on a number of marketing initiatives. “Over the years, Laticrete built enormous credibility via its educational programs. One of our M-Os is to do just that with Laticrete Supercap.”

Maria Oliveira

“Our team is dedicated to providing services that will save our customers both time and money. Furthermore, services that will give them peace of mind knowing that previous failures associated with the now-archaic methods for finishing new concrete or capping existing slabs, will no longer plague them. All of our team members are prepared to take whatever time is necessary to teach our customers and prospects about these highly beneficial methods,” concluded Fulkerson.

Michael Schilling

John Sacco added, “The Laticrete Supercap team knows the importance of educating the marketplace on what has proven to be a faster, safer and greener way to finish concrete slab

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