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June 5/12, 2017: Volume 31, Issue 26

By Lindsay Baillie


DustRam was created to give the flooring industry and remodeling sector a dust-free tile removal system that could actually claim “dust-free” capabilities, according to Jack King, inventor of DustRam and owner of Arizona Home Floors in Tempe, Ariz. King developed the system in 2008 and then spent roughly five years making equipment, finding flaws and making adjustments before offering the system to customers. Today, the company supplies systems to 17 contractors in seven states and has five issued patents and about four patents pending.

“Prior to the development of DustRam, I removed tile [using virtually all the] variations you’ve seen out there,” King said. “I’ve put fans in the window. I’ve drug in water hoses and soaked the floor with water. I even hired someone to follow my chipping hammer around while they were holding a vacuum cleaner wand. Then I realized there were much more efficient ways to do it. I realized that vacuums are very critical, and the type of vacuum you use and its ability to self-clean while you use it are all important.”

With a main filter that is 99.97% dust free, DustRam is suited for both retail and commercial projects, and is ideal for situations where controlled, surgical demolition is needed (i.e., hospitals, schools, malls, etc.). Each system is customizable and consists of an array of parts depending on the user’s workload—a one-man system has over 100 components.

What sets DustRam apart from other tile removal systems, according to King, is its ability to provide dust-free tile removal. Other companies offering similar services often put plastic up and explain their systems as “virtually dust free,” which means they are leaving dust behind. As King explained, “We can go into a home with our DustRam system and remove tile and thinset without the use of plastic. In fact, Arizona Home Floors guarantees in writing that the home or business will be cleaner when we leave than when we start the job.”

In addition to promising dust-free removal, DustRam does it with speed. To put it into perspective King explained that getting rid of thinset for 1,000 square feet of tile generates 700-800 lbs. of dust and small debris. DustRam is able to capture those particles before they become airborne and contaminate the home, he stated.

This feature also allows the DustRam system to assist in remodeling the homes of people suffering from illnesses such as COPD and asthma, many of whom are unable to handle the dust left behind by traditional tile removal.

Overall, the DustRam system provides solutions to help stores and contractors generate more money and provide quality service. “This is an opportunity to offer something that is much needed by the consumers—to start the installation off right so the consumer is happy and feels confident about the removal of the floor,” King said.

For more information, visit: or call 844-387-8373.

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