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By Nicole Murray It’s not an exaggeration to say Acrylx—Raskin’s waterproof, rigid core collection—has been a godsend for retailers. Many flooring dealers who have achieved success with the line cite its deep offerings and high conversion rate.

Acrylx contains five subcategories with varying price points ranging from entry level to higher end in order to reach a broad array of consumers and their budgetary needs. Those subcategories include Premier Home, Select, Select XL, Premier XL and XL G-Core, each with varying thicknesses and warranty packages.

“The price range falls within your typical solid core LVT or LVP product, but having different quality lines means this collection is a go-to solution no matter the customer’s budget,” said Mary DeForge, owner of DeForge Design, Loveland, Colo. “Having the flexibility to negotiate over a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing product with a wide price range means we can’t lose.”

Acrylx is suitable for both residential and commercial applications due to its waterproof and durable features in addition to its ability to remain stable in extreme temperatures. The Select, Select XL and XL G-Core lines also assist with sound control due to their 1mm attached backing. However, an even stronger selling point, retailers say, is the product’s ability to withstand a higher level of daily wear and tear compared to some competing flooring products.

“This line has proven time and time again that it is multifaceted and can be used for a lot of different projects,” said Angelo Fiordelisi, showroom manager of ProSource, Stamford, Conn. “The line’s impact resistance, however, is the key component that makes it possible to install it in places such as restaurants where people are constantly dropping things; residential homes with active kids; or even hospitals, where there is high foot traffic and machines constantly being rolled around.”

When it comes to design, the Acrylx line offers various shades of browns and grays and a large variety of visuals including distressed oak and textured wood designs and textured, hand-scraped patterns. “Sometimes the ability to close a sale comes down to the color palette, and with the various warm and cold color options there is always one that will fit people’s tastes,” DeForge said. “People can be rather picky when trying to find their perfect match, especially when choosing wood looks, but this collection gets the job done.”

David Day, owner of Day’s Floor Co., Marshfield, Mo., said despite using smaller displays for Acrylx on his showroom floor, Raskin’s product line still manages to attract just as much attention, if not more, than other larger displays. “People can become confused or overwhelmed when they are presented with too many options at once,” Day explained. “Raskin’s Acrylx display helps consumers find a product that meets all of their criteria and then they are able to easily make their final choice based on the few distinct color choices in front of them.”

The service Raskin provides also contributes to the product’s success. “Working with Raskin has been easy because they represent themselves very well,” ProSource’s Fiordelisi said. “They are always receptive if we need products in a rush or if we have questions about their products.”

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