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July 8/15, 2019: Volume 35, Issue 2


FLORENCE, ALA.—HPS Schönox, known for its innovative spirit in bringing subfloor solutions to the flooring industry, has entered a new frontier with the introduction of the ComfortSafe electric radiant full-surface floor heating system.

“ComfortSafe is just another example of the innovative products offered HPS Schönox,” Thomas Trissl, HPS Schönox principal, told FCNews.

ComfortSafe can be installed on its own or as a system with Schönox underlayment products. The end result, the company said, is a comfortable and environmentally friendly underfloor heating system. The company said ComfortSafe is appropriate for both residential and commercial settings, providing luxury for residents at home while enhancing safety and comfort in commercial building. In addition, the system will lower construction and operating costs.

Regarding commercial applications, Schönox ComfortSafe electric radiant floor heating system will provide added value for industrial loss-prevention departments who may utilize ComfortSafe to address moisture from buildup of water, ice and slush commonly associated with building entryways. When embedded in Schönox AP Self-Leveling compound, the ComfortSafe system offers a clear, efficient, continuous and easy-to-use heat source for more rapid moister evaporation, thus reducing opportunities for claim-generating slip and fall incidents, according to Trissl.

Schönox ComfortSafe also guarantees fast, direct surface heating of areas. This heating system operates at maximum steady stated temperatures by using a programmable on/off control power switch. It should also be noted that for larger areas, more than one system can be employed.

For residential applications, Schönox ComfortSafe electric radiant floor heating system can be used in conjunction with the Schönox AP Self-Leveling compound in common areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, walk-in closets and dressing rooms. Because it is a radiant design, the ComfortSafe system maximizes energy savings by minimizing heat loss. It comes with a residential kit to provide warmth and comfort underfoot, which is ideal when walking on

bathroom floors during the winter. The company said many homeowners are seeking these floor heating systems as the newer technology provides a more cost-effective level of comfort compared with older systems.

The basic requirements for the ComfortSafe heating system are as follows:
•ComfortSafe film supplied in roll form
•35 inches wide for commercial and industrial building entryways
•30 inches wide for residential flooring
•PowerTrack 3.15 inches wide in roll form
•Power supply 120VAC single phase 3KW
•Electric Time Switch Tork SA399 40A for controlling heaters on/off
•An OJ Electronics thermostat with floor sensor for residential applications
•T4 and T5 crimp connectors
•Installation area 100 square feet
Features and benefits of the ComfortSafe heater system are as follows:
•Easy to install
•Energy efficient due to full surface heating
•Helps abate moisture from flooring surfaces to aid in evaporation
•Helps protect substrate from moisture penetration
•Reduces heat loss to the substrate and improves floor warming response time
•Can be used with all types of flooring materials
•Provides even and consistent warmth in any room
•Provides subfloor thermal insulation (R=0.5)
•Anti-microbial resistance to mold and mildew

The ComfortSafe system will be sold through TMT America in Florence, Ala., as well as through Schönox distribution partners. The system will be available in the middle of the third quarter this year.

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