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(Back by popular demand, Round 6)

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the town,
The FCNews team was celebrating, nothing was shut down.
Drinking champagne, popping the cork,
We must be in a red state, definitely not New York.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes Dr. Fauci would get out of our hair.
Reggie and Megan were nestled without masks,
Completing Surfaces stories their only tasks.

Dustin at his computer, reviewing our earnings
Steve chastising non-advertisers, which he finds disconcerting.
Krystal and Jacqui lysol-ing the knobs,
Ken wishing he could light up Antifa mobs.

Then out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.
Locked up my valuables, including my computers
You never know these days, it could have been looters.

It was a frustrated St. Nick who stood in the snow
As he started to tell me a long tale of woe.
He’d been stuck at the North Pole, toiling away alone
His white-collar elves had been working from home.

Others simply said, “Do not hire us;
We can live off the free money, thanks to the virus.”
Those left in the toy shop had little to do,
With supply chain disruptions, they could make nothing new.

And as for the reindeer, they’d all gone away.
None of them left to pull Santa’s sleigh.
Dasher and Dancer were in quarantine,
Prancer and Vixen refused the vaccine.

Then there’s Rudolph, the one most affected
With his shiny red nose, they think he’s infected.
And even with his sleigh, St. Nick couldn’t go far;
Every border to cross needs a new PCR.

He was about to ask me who’d been naughty and nice
But this year my sentiments would have to suffice.
There have been some things that have rubbed me wrong
Especially the subsidies, which have gone on for too long.

One thing that made me go berserk
Was people taking free money and refusing to work.
Talk to your friend, talk to your neighbor
Everyone’s challenge is finding good labor.

Here’s one area where I am conflicted—
Whether people skipping rent should be evicted.
I totally understand if reasons are legit
But people milk the system, ya gotta admit.

Instead of paying rent, some went on vacation
In case you’re wondering why there’s inflation.
Fed Chair Powell called the spike “transitory,”
And for most of the year he stuck to that story.

But the biggest thing that caused us all pain
Were all those issues surrounding supply chain.
No people at the ports to offload ships
Guess they hadn’t returned from all their free trips.

The price of containers soared to new heights
Some said they basically tripled overnight.
Companies then had to pay up to transport that container,
Shaw chartering two ships was a clear no-brainer.

“A lot of challenges,” Santa said with a grin
“It’s amazing this industry continues to win.”
We’re very fortunate but that’s nothing new;
Let’s just move on to the year in review.

As we kicked 2020 to the curb and 2021 would arrive
FCNews would be celebrating year 35.
We’ve come a long way since Wahnon and Blick
An amazing partnership has been the trick.

Mohawk challenged the status quo
By moving forward with its Momentum Roadshow.
When it came to precautions they did all they could
While showcasing new innovations like UltraWood.

As the year progressed live events would return
Retailers hate virtual as we all would learn.
Attendance was strong but not for commercial
Designers are overly cautious, if I can be controversial.

When it came to AHF, I was not aware
Thought they were residential, but still bought Parterre.
Then American OEM, so they’re growing in stages
A company their size should take out more pages.

Stainmaster sold its brands to Lowe’s
Dealers were pissed, but that’s how it goes.
They’re doing just fine, the last time I checked
They even found ways to replace Pet Protect.

Max Holland joined FEI to help run day-to-day
Joining Howerton, Hogan and Allison Rea.
Their convention was great but missing one thing
It could never be the same without Dave Gheesling.

Tim Baucom was elevated as we said goodbye to Vance
Hired in 1981 he made the most of his chance.
He led Shaw Industries through good times and tough
Products, purchases and all that good stuff.

Kevin Jablon had a $90 million score
By selling his beloved Spartan to Floor & Décor.
A commercial distributor held in the highest esteem
Just another example of the American Dream.

Surfaces returned, albeit in June;
I covered the show in one afternoon.
The number of exhibitors was inconsequential
Reuniting the industry was what was essential.

Flip or Flop’s Christina got her own brand
The announcement was met with immediate demand.
The Coast 2 Coast folks have real big plans
As she touts the line to millions of fans.

Our 35th anniversary issue garnered great acclaim
Left some people off lists, I’ll take the blame.
Paid homage to the past, celebrated those of today
We’ll do it again soon if that is OK.

FCIF’s gala at the Rainbow Room
Brought the industry together and not on Zoom.
It was the perfect remedy for COVID fatigue
As we honored Brodsky, Matson and Dana Teague.

FloorForce’s Todd Saunders became a groom
After purchasing RLM to enhance Broadlume.
A few months later it was the FloorCon event
Everyone who came said it was time well spent.

Ashlie Butler threw a party
Eventually showed up, just a little tardy.
People came from near and far
We were there but not Kemp Harr.

St. Nick then thanked me and sat down to rest
“This is all a lot to digest.
I never knew there was so much to flooring;
Whoever said this industry is boring?”

And like a Christmas miracle the reindeer then appeared
Eight negative tests meant they all were cleared.
Santa jumped into his sleigh and he drove out of sight
“Get your vaccines, my friends; Merry Christmas, good-night.”

As this is the last column of 2021, let’s shift gears. From all of us at FCNews, thank you to everyone for your support and friendship throughout the year. Our readers. Our advertisers. Without all of you we have no publication. Your trust and belief in us is humbling.

Last but certainly not least, I am blessed to have the best business partner and team anyone could ask for. They make this job so much easier and all worthwhile. This business and industry have become my life, and it’s a damn good life at that. The friendships I’ve forged are priceless. Some are like family. You all know who you are.

Happy Holidays, and see you all in 2022—and not on Zoom.

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