Mining for talent in a pandemic-stricken labor market

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Retailers across the country give their best tips and tricks to finding a new hire that will fit well with your company.

Hiring is not an easy task. Does the candidate have the qualities needed to succeed in the role? Do your goals align? Are they looking for fair compensation and are you able to offer it? And those are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself and your new hire given you can find one.

Today, the task of hiring seems even tougher. We are living in a pandemic-stricken market and the needs of the employer and the employee have greatly evolved. To help their peers tackle the nuances finding a new hire, several flooring dealers have given us their best advice on how to find top-tier staff members in today’s market.

Dean Thompson
Floor Trader
Tacoma, Wash.


The best thing we found is using our in-store digital display to highlight open positions. Some of our best salespeople have come from being customers of ours. They have made the best salespeople because they really believe in the product and believe in the store. We also put a big banner on the side of the building with a QR code that says, “Come join our team! We’re hiring now.” The QR code gives them more information and the ability to apply there.


There is a huge advantage to running your business like a family business. We really value input from our employees. During the interview, I tell them that we want to bring their ideas to our business to make us sharper. I also look for someone who is ambitious, has great ideas and is a real people person. I don’t have to worry about the labor shortage because I have long-term employees. And that’s because we treat them with respect, we ask for their input and I value them. I tell them how important they are to us; I talk to them about their job, ask how I can help and what tools they need to be successful. If you have a great culture, you really want to nurture that. And if you have a bad seed that comes along, it’s like cancer; you have to get rid of it quickly.


Use social media to your advantage. And remember, time with family is so important nowadays—it really always has been. But people will work for a lot less for convenience’s sake. If they’re good at their job and they’re going to perform, they’ll make cash anyway. A lot of people are so tired of large corporations. Advertise to that. And focus on your business. Be approachable. Give them a reason to work local. Give them a reason to work for you.

Rachel Berlin
Precision Floors & Décor
Plymouth, Wis


We find that keeping our eyes and ears open outside of our showroom helps a lot. Our team knows that if they see someone that gives exceptional service or has the right attitude and a good fit for our team culture, we are interested in talking with them.


We recently asked our sales and design team to “design their ideal teammate,” and some of the characteristics they listed were: a go-getter; willingness to go out of their comfort zone and to learn; organized; attention to detail; ability to seek and retain information; a good and careful listener; multi-tasker and can thrive in a busy environment; asks questions to seek understanding; pride in our company and in their work; a willingness to help others on the team (we over me); and fanatical follow up (and follow through).


The No. 1 thing is you need to look like a company that someone would want to work at! Build your brand. Your social media should show your culture and your team. Highlight your employees—show that you value them. Hiring is and always will be a struggle if you don’t put effort into it. One thing I’ve learned is “always be recruiting”—every day! Get really clear on your non-negotiables—what attributes/characteristics absolutely will not work in your company? Define the roles and responsibilities on your team. We recently did a DISC assessment workshop with our team. An activity like this is a way to learn about one another and what gaps you might need to fill. BONUS: You might actually find that you’ve got everyone on the team you need, you just need\ to shift/distribute some responsibilities

Scott Browne
Macco’s Floor Covering
Green Bay, Wis.


Like most businesses, we use online recruitment companies such as Indeed and Zip Recruiter, but we’ve found our biggest success comes from word of mouth, social media and our employee referral program. In the communities we serve, experienced labor is always hard to find. For years, we’ve made a commitment to work with local high schools and technical colleges to identify future team members and this won’t change. We believe in making the investment in training and mentoring new installers. The end result has been highly skilled and loyal technicians.


Education and previous work experience typically will earn you an interview but at the end of the day we hire people and not resumes. It’s our belief that if you hire individuals with a great personality and a positive attitude the rest can be trained.


Be patient and invest in your team. The easy solution is to recruit employees from a competitor, but the end result is typically a short-term gain. The path is a little longer but when you hire the right people and invest in them, the success is greater for all.

Taylor Dore
ICC Floors


We find many great people by utilizing the networks of existing employees. There are great people out there that just need an opportunity and tools to succeed. We have had great success finding great people in different industries that are looking for a change or an opportunity to grow more within a company.


Primarily they have to be a good culture fit. We do not care what their skills are if they cannot get along with the team. This should be No. 1 if you want to maintain a healthy culture. Beyond that, they have to have a strong work ethic, ability to problem solve quickly and are coachable. If they fit all of those criteria, there is no reason they will not be successful.


We have found that creating an amazing culture actually causes our employees to recruit for us. If someone loves the people and place they work, they will tell people. And I would look into the churn of the employees first. If many people are coming and going, figure out why. It is important to take a step back and ask yourself hard questions about the business. Most people do not quit jobs, they quit managers. If you have low churn of employees, great leadership and a great culture, then sell that to possible hires. People don’t want to jump around jobs, they usually want to find a “home” where they can be proud of their company and work.

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