Mohawk unveils spring ‘Floor Adore’ sales event  

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As retailers kick off the key spring selling season, Mohawk is launching the “Floor Adore” campaign designed to give its Edge dealer partners new tools, assets and even some training to meet an expected surge in remodeling business.

The campaign, officially dubbed “Floor Adore—Live Your Life and Love Your Floors,” offers retailers a host of compelling features, perks and benefits to entice consumers to buy Mohawk flooring products this season. Central to the promotion are rebates for the consumer when they make qualifying purchases of Mohawk products. (These include: RevWood, TecWood, UltraWood and SolidTech on the hard surfaces side, and SmartStrand, SmartStrand Silk and EverStrand products in soft surface.) Based on how much they purchase, shoppers will receive either $250, $500 or $1,000 back in the form of a Visa or Amex gift card—depending on where they live in North America. Note: a minimum volume of 500 square feet is required to qualify for the rebate.

“We are taking the success of our national Karastan sale, which we have twice a year, and offering a wider assortment of products for our retailers,” said Janel Hernandez, director of channel marketing at Mohawk. “With the ‘Floor Adore’ campaign, the consumer can come in and have a broader assortment to choose from versus limited product tiers.”

The promotion, which kicks off March 7 and runs through April 18, 2023, requires that qualifying Edge retailers pre-register. Once a dealer signs up, Mohawk tags them as a “participating dealer” so they’re easier to locate during the next stage. Let’s say a consumer, during the research phase, is directed to and searches for a dealer; those dealers that are participating in the sale will be flagged. The goal is to ensure the consumer connects all the dots throughout every phase of the campaign—from the initial research phase, to the stage where she makes contact with an Edge dealer, all the way through to the moment when she makes her final purchasing decision.

Promotional aids

In support of the Floor Adore campaign, Mohawk has launched paid media spots targeting those markets Edge retailers serve. This supplements campaign advertising and marketing efforts that retailers carry out on their own, including their websites and social media channels. Mohawk has also developed in-store/on-hold messaging scripts for those retailers looking to leverage radio or video platforms in their messaging.

“Whether they’re utilizing Omnify+ or Omnify websites or their own digital creative assets featured on their websites, it’s all designed to work in tandem to either get the customer to request more information or, better yet, bring them into the store,” Hernandez explained. “It’s a tie-in throughout the process.”

More importantly, Mohawk retail partners can leverage the tools utilized to generate bona fide leads throughout the campaign to gauge how many customers are responding to targeted ads when they come in through the store, when they respond to a lead or when they simply submit an inquiry.

“By employing these tactics we can inform our retailers on exactly how many leads we’re driving in store,” Hernandez explained, citing modern digital marketing tools such as geofencing. “Using this technology we’re able to determine if a consumer sees the ad and goes into the store based on that ad or messaging.”


floor adoreMohawk is providing essential training mechanisms to ensure RSAs are prepared to service consumers when they finally arrive in store. Specifically, the company is supporting the Floor Adore sales event with a “Learn & Earn” incentive for retail sales associates. How it works: Typically, Mohawk sales reps would visit each retail location and share product knowledge with the sales associates. While that option is still available, the company is taking a more practical and interactive approach by leveraging technology to deliver training.

“We’re utilizing our new Mohawk Edge Rewards app to deploy our Learn & Earn National Sale module,” Hernandez explained. “Using the app, RSAs can go in and learn about the sale, take a quiz and then earn dollars within their Mohawk Edge Rewards account. We also have a sweepstakes, twice a year where the RSAs can earn even more dollars if they are selected.”

RSAs can download the Mohawk Edge Rewards app and get push notifications when new modules are added. Hernandez describes it as “training on demand. They don’t have to wait for a Mohawk rep to come in and train them. They could take it whenever they want, how many times they want or if they just need a refresher. Or, if a new person comes in, they have access to all that education on demand.”

Other enticements  

If the rebates, deep assortment of product offerings, advertising/marketing support and educational tools weren’t enough to entice dealers to participate in the campaign, Mohawk added another component: financing. Zero percent if paid within 36 months, to be exact. It’s all facilitated through Mohawk’s financing partner, Synchrony Financial.

“It’s all designed to engage the RSAs since they are the ones on the front line talking to consumers,” Hernandez explained. “We want to make sure that we set them up for success and also provide them with the tools, including Synchrony financing, to really help them be able to close a higher ticket (potentially) and create loyalty with the customer so they will come back and repurchase again.”

So far, so good  

If dealer participation in past campaigns is any indication of future success, Mohawk has good reason to believe the Floor Adore sales event will be a big hit. “We’re constantly looking at the number of registrations, and I’m happy to report we’ve already doubled the number of retailer registrations from spring last year,” Hernandez stated. “We also look, comparatively, at retailers who participate in the sale versus those who do not. Lastly, we look for any increase in lift and how much traffic or revenue directed to our participating retailers versus those who are not Edge-aligned.”

The Floor Adore national sale is the first of four campaigns Mohawk has in store for 2023. Retailers can also expect to see another national sales event (this one focused on Karastan), plus a summer and fall campaign.  

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