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How consumers discover products on social media

(This article was originally published at It has been edited for content and style.) Marketing is all about meeting people where they are—and often,...

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WATCH: Cali’s visualizer makes selection a breeze Calis’s flooring visualizer is easy to use and the best way for customers to see what a new Cali floor will look like in...

FCNEWS LIVE at NWFA Expo: Show highlights Las Vegas—FCNEWS LIVE at the National Wood Floor Covering Expo 2022 (NWFA Expo 2022) has kicked off. FCNews host, Katie Ford, is visiting the...

WATCH: Cali Flooring is committed to value With inventory and shipping at a premium these days, it’s crucial that you get real value from the product you’ve invested in. You need...

FCNEWS LIVE at NWFA Expo: Lauzon FCNEWS LIVE at the National Wood Floor Covering Expo 2022 has kicked off. FCNews host, Katie Ford, is visiting the top suppliers on the...

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