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October 13/20, 2014; Volume 28/Number 9

In addition to participating in the fight against breast cancer through Mohawk’s partnership with Susan G. Komen, retailers can profit from the initiative thanks to the products that are highlighted through Decorate for the Cure.

SmartCushion and Karastep, the carpet cushion/padding that are part of Decorate for the Cure, help support both a quality product and a quality cause.

“We are using a three-prong approach with this partnership,” explained Jon England, Mohawk’s senior director of pad and cushion. “We did extensive polling and research with our customer base to help really dial in on the correct product from a performance, aesthetics and comfort perspective.

“We’ve found that a thickness between 7⁄16- and ½-inch is ideal, depending on where you are. At 15⁄32, in the middle of a ½-inch and 7⁄16-inch, is the sweet spot.

“Making the consumer happy and providing a quality product is just one part of the process,” England said. “Sending customers out of stores with a smile is every retailer’s goal, and we have an extra element of that with the partnership with Susan G. Komen. There is that level of satisfaction provided to a consumer when she knows she is involved in the fight, helping research and helping identify breast cancer across the country.”

SmartCushion not only features the pink ribbon that acts as the Komen logo, the entire padding itself is pink. These attributes benefit the retailer because, England said, 73% of all consumers will switch from a regular brand to one that incorporates a pink ribbon. And, according to Mohawk, 53% of that group will actually spend more money if they know part of the proceeds is going back to the cause.

“You are creating an emotional connection with the consumer and delivering back to the community,” he said. “You are really creating a captured audience inside every showroom. When consumers see that ribbon they will switch, and 53% will pay more money. You wrap that story up with a premium product and you’ve captured your consumer, making her feel great about her purchase, helping her get a premium product, and in turn you are also capitalizing business.”

An additional benefit for customers comes via warranty. If they purchase Mohawk carpet and use SmartCushion or Karastep with it, they get a 10-year extension on the Abrasive Wear warranty, bringing the warranty up to 20 years. A step warranty is also added, along with a transferrable warranty.

According to England, Mohawk decided to partner with Susan G. Komen as both groups share a target consumer: females in the 33-45 age range.

“It’s a constant focus on connecting with our customer and the consumer,” he concluded. “We continue to work to make sure we’re on point and driving what consumers want and what our customers expect.”

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