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Jan. 6/13, 2020: Volume 35, Issue 14

By Megan Salzano

DuChateau’s Lineage line within The Guild collection includes the Maddie hue, a design that blends mid-tone browns with a cool gray undertone.

DuChateau is helping specialty flooring retailers tap a new type of home-owner with The Guild collection. The line, designed with the company’s commitment to high style, distinction and elegance in mind, is an engineered, European oak wood flooring finished with a matte UV lacquer, all at an affordable price.

“The Guild is my go-to for price point, but you also have good styling as well,” Glen Kaprelian, owner of Kaprelian Carpet in Hawthorne, N.J., told FCNews. “It’s a draw whether it’s a new customer or a customer who is looking to have some- thing priced a little more aggressively—it’s more in line with pricing they see out there in general. Sometimes they love DuChateau, but the price point is not affordable. The Guild line came out to hit that more affordable market, whether its younger or older generations.”

For Andrew Brownell, America’s Floor Source, Indianapolis, Ind., DuChateau’s ability to hit market trends is a key benefit. “They always bring an in- demand product in terms of color, styles and benefits to the customer. They really cover a lot of bases with their product lines. The Guild, too. It does touch a different consumer and opens up more opportunity with the brand. Their DuChateau line is more geared toward the high-end customer, while The Guild is a little more approachable for Susie Homemaker.”

The Guild features three distinct collections: Lineage Series, Makerlab Edition and the Craft & Commerce Line. Each collection varies in size with multiple color options that are inspired by people, craftsmanship and artistry. For example, the Lineage Series consists of seven colorways—each named after the most popular female names of the generation—all sized at a 7 1⁄2-inch plank width, the classic DuChateau plank size. The visuals include Chloe, featuring a natural, raw wood look, and Riley with hues that add smoky tones for a gently aged appearance. The line also includes Maddie, Everly, Hailee, Harley and Ashley.

The Craft & Commerce Line, available in 6-inch planks, provides a mid-width option, ideal for rooms of all shapes and sizes. Each hue was named for a traditional craftsman profession. Osler is a creamy tan with white in the grain and minimal variation while Baxter has warmer brown tones front and center with a touch of white in the grain to soften the look. The line also includes Fifer, Vitner and Peddler hues.

Finally, the Makerlab Edition is a 3-inch plank width, a narrow width combined with long planks to create a look that was designed to challenge the status quo and is unique to DuChateau. The line is offered in four hues, each named after a woodworking tool or key structural element. Joist is the highest-variation floor, featuring a dramatic range of tones from mid-brown to rich coffee. Lathe is a mixture of taupe to light mocha with touches of white in the grain. The line also includes Chisel and Planer hues.

When it comes to merchandising, Brownell said, “DuChateau’s displays are gorgeous. I have one of the higher-end displays in our showroom. It’s a three-tower system with a smart TV and access to the website. You can stand there with a customer and go to DuChateau online and show them a scene right there and then, which is super helpful. The Guild is a good-looking display, too, and not a far cry from the others. It does set itself apart, but it looks very nice.”

Kaprelian added, “I’m always looking forward to new products from DuChateau. When something new comes out, I’m pretty excited because they try to be ahead of the curve or on the cutting edge of the trend.”

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