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December 23/30, 2019: Volume 35, Issue 13

By Steven Feldman

Back by popular demand, round 4…

’Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the casa
The FCNews team was frantic and screaming, Que Pasa!
We’d run out of bourbon, red wine and beer
We must have been spreading too much holiday cheer.

With nothing left to drink, they all went to their beds,
Awaiting the arrival of St. Nick and his sleds.
Megan in her ‘kerchief, Nadia her sarong,
Dustin in the corner, taking hits from his bong.

When out on the lawn we began hearing chatter
The FloorForce folks promising to make our wallets fatter.
Away to the window I flew like a flash,
“Going digital in 2020 will net you more cash.”

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow
With hopes of some ads from Mitch at DuChateau.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
Was a friend of mine who had called it a career.

As St. Nick said “Whoa” and paused to vape,
I knew in a moment it must be Tom Lape.
He seemed so relaxed as a smile arose;
After ceding the reins to one Jeff Meadows.

I walked outside and he began to approach,
He whistled and shouted, and asked for Piet Dossche.
“Who’s gonna tell me who’s been naughty and nice?”
“If he’s not here maybe someone from TISE?”

I mentioned some names, which went largely ignored
Until I suggested my friend Katie Ford.
She is someone who everyone respects
And not only for what she’s done at Anderson Tuftex.

“She’s the one, as my words may be cockamamie
For example, last year’s poem, which angered QEP’s Jamie.”
I heard through the grapevine she kinda took offense
To my suggestion that she doesn’t view trade ads as a viable expense.

So rather than anger so many or a few,
I will now offer for you the year in review.

The industry’s top trade show continues to thrive,
Enhanced by FCNews’ Surfaces Live.
The videos we offered were quite well received
More than 100,000 views for each were achieved.

It’s been about a year for the age of DeCock
So many personnel changes have come as a shock.
There’s a lot Mohawk’s president knows how to fix,
As evidenced by the stock climbing to 156.

After departing Mohawk as president for Jeff
Brian Carson resurfaced at AHF.
Odds are strong that he will produce
With brands like Hartco, Robbins and Bruce.

Belknap took control of Haines
At some point we are certain to see sales gains.
When it comes to distribution does Ray Mancini win or lose?
He got flooring and his brother got booze.

We raised our glasses and said our cheers,
As Bob’s Carpet Mart celebrated 50 years.
Ashlie Butler does most things well
But not her champagne choice of cheap Korbel.

Armstrong stock has been a bad bet,
But I’ll put a few dollars behind Michel Vermette.
His hiring in the fall was not controversial
After growing the biz at Mohawk Commercial.

We visited Armstrong on our trip to Lancaster
Then hopped a plane for dinner with Stainmaster.
Brook Brown is VP of the powerful brand
Not having an “e” in her name, I don’t understand.

They received some flak for their deal with Lowe’s
When it comes to business anything goes.
Carry the brand and you will prevail
’Cause Invista is committed to specialty retail.

Metroflor remains absent from our pages
Unfortunately the company still disengages.
Was it our tariff coverage? That I am askin’
Or is it our relationship with Michael Raskin?

We launched RSA, for those on the floor
The idea is to help retail salespeople sell more.
The accolades came from near and far
I heard from Tanja Kern but not Kemp Harr.

Vance Bell, Piet Doscche gained their acclaim
With their inductions into the WFCA Hall of Fame.
Never so deserving could two men be
They’ll forever be synonymous with Shaw and WPC.

Tariffs continue as the talk of the town
First they went up and then they went down.
Many had tried to get Trump to reduce
But in the end it was Doug Jackson who had all the juice.

Dana Hicks is the new boss at TISE
Met him once, thought he was nice.
He’s charged with growing the Mandalay floor
Following in the footsteps of Amie Gilmore.

Mannington added res carpet to its mix
Through its late-year purchase of upstart Phenix.
At first some thought the deal was bizarre
But I bet they were after that yarn from Pharr.

St. Nick then thanked me and sat down to rest
“This is all a lot to digest.
I never knew there was so much to flooring;
Whoever said this industry is boring?

“What about your year?” he said with a smile.
“Was it real great or closer to vile?”
I took a step back and started to think
My eyes welled up as they began to blink.

There were some challenges, I will not deny,
But I’m more fortunate than most, and here is why.
I have a great son, I have a great team,
I have a great business partner, I have self-esteem.

After coughing for two years, I regained my health,
And after getting rid of a user, I will improve my wealth.
Six more pounds and I’m my lightest in years
Funny what happens when you give up the beers.

“Thanks for that; you’ve given me plenty;
So what is it you desire in 2020?”
I could use some Botox, maybe more hair
And when it comes to love, the cupboard is bare.

But if there is one thing I truly desire
I’ll tell you now since you just did inquire.
Whether it’s a supplier, distributor or dealer with stores
We just want to help everyone sell more floors.

That’s what separates us from the rest
Our never-ending quest to remain the best.
We could never do this without our advertisers’ support
I hope and pray we never fall short.

And with that St. Nick sprang to his sleigh,
As we readied for night to turn into day.
I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight,
“Happy holidays to all and to all a good night.”

From all of us at FCNews, thank you to everyone for your support and friendship throughout the year. We could not be who we are without you. See you all in 2020.

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