Centiva’s homogenous Victory series now phthalate free

Home News Centiva’s homogenous Victory series now phthalate free

FLORENCE, ALA.—Centiva announced its homogeneous Victory Series products are now phthalate-free. Using a new variety of plasticizer, the homogeneous Victory series was the first target for integration as it contains the lowest amount of recycled content in the Centiva product line. Products that are now phthalate-free belong to the Magics, Coral Reef, Mineral Chip and Italian Marble lines that are manufactured in Centiva’s factory here.

The decision to move away from phthalate plasticizers has not been an easy one: It came after much consideration and contemplation of what this will do to the recycling efforts the company worked diligently to put in place. According to Thomas Trissl, president, “Centiva believes that considering the end of a product’s life is just as important as the life of the product itself. We are committed to recycling and we strongly believe that we must continue with reclamation in order for vinyl to be a truly sustainable product.”

The effort is another step in the Green Way, Centiva’s holistic approach to environmental stewardship, responsible production, and reclamation.

“This has been a long process of product engineering to implement a new raw material with new properties while maintaining the aesthetics, performance, and quality our customers expect from Victory,” said Garth Gaffney, director of production/research & development. “After completing trials, we have found that the new material has enhanced performance benefits as well.”

Incorporating phthalate-free plasticizers into the company’s Event and Contour Series will take a bit more development time. Those products have higher recycled content and are manufactured with different processes. An announcement on those products is expected later this year.

“The discussion of whether phthalate plasticizers should or shouldn’t be used is likely to continue for several years. By offering a line that is phthalate-free, we are giving the choice back to the consumer,” said Erin Dempsey, public relations, Environment & Strategy.

To learn more, visit centiva.com/thegreenway.

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