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By Reginald Tucker

When it comes to positioning RevWood and RevWood Plus for maximum sales potential, product placement is key. Rather than grouping the product in with competing laminate floors—many of which retail on the lower end of the spectrum—Mohawk is advising its dealer partners to aim high. In other words, place RevWood displays on a more level playing field right alongside other hardwood flooring displays in the showroom.

“We realize retailers may be a little hesitant to do that, but it goes back to simplifying the retailers’ shopping experience,” said Angela Duke, director of brand marketing. “Our research shows dealers should group all their wood and wood-based products together, then take the consumer through her shopping journey based upon her performance requirements, lifestyle and then the benefits and features she is seeking.”

As Duke explains: “We know consumers—especially those with active families who have pets and kids—are looking for some type of performance product but still want the high-end wood look. Now we’re able to show them RevWood or RevWood Plus. But if a consumer says, ‘You know what, I’m not really concerned about scratches but I’m looking for a natural hardwood product.’ Then we can take them to our TecWood line, which is our engineered hardwood product. So having them all grouped together is beneficial for the retailer.”

Options galore

Of course, it can’t hurt when you offer dealers a compelling package of styles and visuals to sell. All RevWood/RevWood Plus collections are designed to address consumers’ aesthetic needs while providing the durability, performance and value homeowners crave. Each collection features the latest embossed-in-register technology and beveled edges for ultra-realistic detail.

Following is a snapshot of the initial patterns and designs:

Elderwood: This collection is available in four trending colors with distinctive knots and grain patterns. Elderwood provides a choice of sophisticated oak visuals in 12mm planks measuring 7 ½ inches wide x 54 11⁄32 inches long.
Antique Craft: Five color options in time-worn hardwood looks available in trending soft brown and gray tones in longer, wider planks spanning 9 7⁄16 inches x 80 ½ inches.
Sawmill Ridge: An ensemble of reclaimed hardwood visuals in four fashionable colors that coordinate with a variety of today’s design

styles. Natural wood character is enhanced with deep texture to high- light knots and varied grain patterns. Plus, Sawmill Ridge features radial saw marks, adding a rustic charm inspired by vintage hardwood planks produced by the early sawmills. Planks are 12mm thick, 6 1/8 inches wide x 47 1⁄4 inches long. Dealer excitement surrounding the project launch is evident in the number of displays that have been purchased thus far. According to Duke, more than 1,200 merchandisers have been shipped since the official launch at Surfaces 2018.

Mike Fleming, owner of Carpet Liquidators in Seattle, is a fan. “We’ve had some early success with it,” he told FCNews. “The styles and colors are out of this world, and that’s why we’re selling it.”

With respect to product placement, Fleming chooses to straddle the line. “Because we are a stocking dealer, we put RevWood toward the front of the store with laminate but next to the engineered hard- wood,” he said. “I was concerned about the price point because it gets into the engineered wood category; however, the styling and colors are just spot on.”

Mike Lekocaj, co-owner of Niko’s Import-Export, based in Ma- comb, Mich., is also a believer in RevWood. “It’s a very good product. What I like in particular are the width and the length—9 inches wide x 7 feet long. That’s what’s doing well with consumers. Mohawk did a very good job with the colors.”

With respect to placement, Lekocaj, follows Mohawk’s recommendation. “We have it right next to the wood section,” he said. “The younger generation seems to like it; they don’t care as much if it is laminate or wood as long as it looks good.”

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