Active families are no match for RevWood Plus

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By Mara Bollettieri

Gabriel Rodriguez, manager of Carpet Liquidators, Everett, Wash., is in a unique position—he is both a retailer who sells Mohawk’s RevWood Plus flooring and a consumer who has used the product almost exclusively throughout his own home.

In many ways, Rodriguez fits the profile for the prototypical customer that Mohawk had in mind when it developed RevWood Plus. The store owner, along with his fiancée, have four pets (two cats and two dogs) and a 5-year-old son. A family of that size not only required a floor that can stand up to the rigors of an active household, but the owners also desired a product that was visually appealing. RevWood Plus’ waterproof attributes, trendy looks and All Pet Protection warranty—along with its ease of maintenance—proved to be the winning combination.

“The boards are made with Mohawk’s HydroSeal, which gives you the peace of mind for spills,” Rodriguez told FCNews. “There are LVT products out there that are waterproof, but LVT is not very strong. RevWood Plus has the best of both worlds.”

RevWood Plus’ highly touted scratch resistance, in particular, was a big draw for Rodriguez. Although his pets are house trained, there are occasional “accidents.” Then there’s junior, who often drips water all over the floors after bath time. But with RevWood Plus, Rodriguez is not at all concerned about water damage. “Not only does it look phenomenal, but it has just been holding up perfectly fine,” he explained. “I know the boards aren’t going to swell up, and I don’t worry that we’re going to have to replace all of the floors, which can cost a lot of money.”

True believer
There’s no shortage of laminate floors on the market that claim to be impervious to water damage. But Rodriguez knew he had a winner with RevWood Plus early on when he was introduced to the product by Mohawk reps who conducted training for his employees.

“They had this little display and they poured gallons of water onto it,” he told FCNews. “None of the water was getting through because the locking mechanism is

so tight; the boards aren’t exposed. I was like, ‘Wow, that’s a phenomenal product.’”

Rodriguez’s fiancée is pleased with the floor as well, but more so for its aesthetic appeal. “Since I’m more of the flooring guy, I’m the one who really focuses on the performance,” he said. “She just loves how it looks.

The design is really great, and that’s one of her favorite things.”

The Rodriguez family is so confident in RevWood Plus that the product is installed in almost every room in their new home. “It’s literally installed everywhere,” he said. “Every bathroom, every closet.”


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