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Young touts economy, Dream Weaver twistX

By Ken Ryan

Joe Young, director of national accounts for Engineered Floors, talks to Alliance Flooring members about a variety of subjects, including the economy and Pure Color Destination.

The flooring industry weathered the rough patches during the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic and is now poised to cash in as more disposable income is spent on home projects like flooring. That was one message Will Young, director of national accounts for Engineered Floors, delivered to Alliance Flooring members during Connect 2020, the buying group’s virtual buying and networking event.

“We’ve been growing through the tough times, especially with June and July picking back up,” Young said in his video address. “There’s obviously pent up demand but the No. 1 thing we have going for us is discretionary, disposable income. Everybody was going to spend it on some type of travel/leisure, entertainment—going to football games, concerts, etc., and then automobiles—but we’re not doing much of that lately. A distant third was always going to be the home improvement piece. When you remove those first two [options], our industry has been brought to the forefront. We like where we are today. Consumers are going to spend their money some way, and home improvement is going to be part of it.”

Pure Color Destination

A sign of the times: EF’s Joe Young with mask and sanitizing his hands prior to his video presentation.

With that encouraging pep talk, Young talked about the Pure Color Destination product line under the Dream Weaver brand. Pure Color Destination, a solution-dyed fiber system, features the differentiating twistX technology. Whereas most yarns have a conventional two-ply fiber, a third feed is added during the twisting in twistX. “You get performance out of the third ply,” Young said, noting this product has a commercial grade density that is normally not seen in residential carpet. “With this you will get one of the best products that is out there.”

Pure Color Destiny hits on multiple price points and includes offerings for those on a budget as well as fashion-conscious consumers. The line has various cut piles, loops and LCL constructions—five tonal styles—and numerous patterns. “Patterns have picked up in a big way as consumers are buying better goods,” Young said.

Art Deco 1 & 2 and Montage 1 & 2 are among the big sellers. Young also briefed members on the company’s Home Values Special Buys rack. Home Values also features 18 x 24-inch deck boards intended to help retailers demonstrate the softness and look of the carpet.

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