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By Megan Salzano In an effort to continue evolving the Retail Lead Management system and bring advanced software innovation to the flooring industry, Jason Goldberg, founder and CEO of America’s Floor Source, has rolled out Remote House Call (RHC). The new software integration is designed to allow retailers and their team members to provide expanded, real-time customer service, installation support and even close sales—all remotely through an advanced video chat forum.

“It really started for us with customer service—to be able to evaluate and assess an issue before we head out,” Goldberg told FCNews. “I can’t tell you how many times a customer or builder calls in with an issue and what they told us and what the reality is are two different things. This all started when COVID-19 hit, and we realized no one wanted anyone in their homes. Life changed as we know it. The way we run our businesses changed as we know it. So, I asked myself, ‘Can we do the business without being in the customer’s home?’”

The answer is yes. But the new software is billed as more than your average video call. It is designed to provide retailers the ability to run their businesses more efficiently. For example, it allows retailers to more quickly respond to customer service issues; better prepare for service calls and sales meetings; prequalify potential customers and projects; efficiently answer specific customer questions; and provide support to field techs, installers and others in the field. In addition, the call itself includes special functions specifically designed for the needs of a flooring retailer during these opportunities, such as video recording, photo tools, note annotation, chat and automatic save and retrieval of all data within the corresponding lead.

Retailers and installers alike told FCNews they are more than ready to implement RHC into their business models. “When Jason first showed me a run through with the program, I was blown away,” said Ken Ballin, owner of West Creek, N.J.-based Skyro Floors and a certified floor covering installer. “So many ideas on different applications throughout the industry ran through my mind. I would love to utilize Remote House Call in my business. I think it has so much potential to help so many people in the industry, and it’s only going to get better.”

Karyn Mitchell, co-owner and CFO, Simply Floors, Wheat Ridge, Colo., agreed, noting the new software’s potential impact on her shop-at-home business. “We are primarily shop-at-home, so this will give us one more tool in our toolbox to improve virtual shopping and customer service. We have always done shop-at-home, and Jason is one of the few people developing software and tools that ‘get it.’ If other developers want to move forward, they need to listen to the shop-at-home companies and what they need. One hundred percent, we will be using it.”

Goldberg noted that any advancement in his technology services—such as TraLaMa or Retail Lead Management—are meant to help push the industry forward, and RHC is no different. “We work in an industry that doesn’t embrace technology as well as some other industries,” he explained. “We’re always behind. We’re always chasing other industries. In this case, this could be one of the first times the flooring industry gets out ahead and becomes a leader.”

When it comes to the issue of adoption in an industry notorious for overlooking technology, Skyro Floors’ Ballin said COVID-19 has moved advances like Remote House Call to the forefront. “After the year we just had, being able to interact with our customers remotely is becoming much more common than it used to be,” he explained. “Having this sort of access to our customers while they’re in their homes is kind of a game changer. Being able to take pictures, make notes and save everything in one spot for each job takes organization to the next level. I was impressed with TraLaMa when [Jason] released that platform, and I think this is just as impressive. I can’t wait to see how it’s adapted into different aspects of the industry.”

(To learn more, be sure to check out the March 30/April 5, 2021 print edition of FCNews.)

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