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Panariagroup USALeonardo Pesce has taken the reins at Panariagroup USA as the company’s new CEO and is bringing with him a wealth of knowledge to drive the company and its brands—including Florida Tile—forward in the coming years.

Megan Salzano-Birch, senior editor/digital director at Floor Covering News, recently sat down with Pesce to discuss what he’s bringing to the table and his short- and long-term goals for the future of the company.

Talk to me about your background and what skill sets you’re bringing to your new position.

I have been involved in the ceramic industry for over 22 years. During that time, I have acquired extensive experience and knowledge of the sector, both internationally and in North America. Before joining Panariagroup USA, I held various executive roles in the industry, including sales and marketing, product development and operations.

My experience has enabled me to develop a deep understanding of the market and its trends, as well as the challenges and opportunities we face today and in the months ahead. I am fortunate to have had a proven record of successful leadership, strategic planning and operational management in this business and I am humbled by this opportunity.

What is it about that background that makes you the right fit for this position?

Panariagroup USA is part of a large and dynamic international enterprise with all the complexities, personalities and diversity that includes. The most successful leaders today are those who recognize the importance of that diversity of people, opinions and experience. Then lead through fostering an environment of collaboration and success for all. I pride myself on my ability to foster those kinds of collaborative environments. That is how you build and manage high-performing teams and develop strong relationships with customers, partners and stakeholders.

What are your short-term plans for Panariagroup USA and its brands?

Panariagroup USA is a highly successful and admired company already. My top priority is to continue delivering high-quality products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations. In the short term, we will be focusing on strengthening our already strong market position in the United States, which is a highly competitive and rapidly changing market.

To achieve this, we will be investing in new product development, expanding our distribution channels, commercial specification and national account programs and enhancing our marketing and branding efforts. We will also be working to improve our operational efficiency and productivity to ensure we can deliver our products on time and at a competitive cost.

Long-term plans?

In the long term, we are committed to growing our business and expanding our footprint in the United States. We believe there is significant potential for growth in the market, and we are exploring new opportunities to expand our product portfolio and enter new market segments.

We are also committed to sustainability and are investing in technologies and practices that reduce our environmental impact while maintaining the high quality of our products. We believe this approach will help us meet our customers’ evolving needs and contribute to our business’s long-term success and sustainability.

Overall, our short-term and long-term plans are focused on delivering value to our customers, growing our business and ensuring that we remain a leader in the highly competitive and dynamic ceramic industry.

Do you see any necessary changes that need to take place to continue the group’s growth and ongoing success? If so, what might that look like?

One of the key factors that will drive our growth and success is our ability to stay ahead of market trends and anticipate changing customer needs.

To achieve this, we will be examining how to most effectively invest in new technologies and product innovation, expand our distribution channels and enhance our customer engagement strategies. Additionally, we will prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility, which we believe will be critical to our long-term success.

It is not a change, but when you ask about growth and ongoing success, I really want to underline, applaud and emphasize the importance of the extraordinary people that Panariagroup USA has attracted, nurtured, valued and counted on to get where we are today. The Panariagroup USA employees at every level are what makes the difference. I am humbled and motivated every day to be part of them.

Are there any challenges you anticipate tackling either in the near term or long term? And how will you do that?

One of the most significant challenges we face in the near term is the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has disrupted supply chains, impacted customer demand and led to a range of operational challenges.

To address this challenge, we are focused on enhancing our operational agility and flexibility, investing in new technologies and working closely with our suppliers and customers to navigate the changing landscape. We are also continuing to prioritize the health and safety of our employees and customers, which we believe is critical to our long-term success.

In the long term, we anticipate that there will be ongoing changes and disruptions in the ceramic industry, driven by shifts in consumer preferences, evolving technologies and changing market dynamics. To tackle these challenges, we will continue to invest in product innovation and research, stay ahead of market trends and adapt our strategies and operations as needed.

Overall, we believe that by remaining agile, innovative and customer-focused, we can overcome any challenges that arise and continue to drive our growth and success in the ceramic industry.

How do you expect to position Panariagroup USA and its brands within the tile market and will that change from its current positioning?

As the CEO of Panariagroup USA, my focus is on positioning our company and brands as leaders in the tile market, with a strong reputation for quality, innovation and customer service. My role as CEO of Panariagroup USA will be to oversee Florida Tile, Panaria Ceramica US, Lea and Cotto D’Este. We want to approach the market as “One Group with One Vision” to gain U.S. market share.

In terms of our positioning within the tile market, we will be looking to expand our reach and appeal to a broader range of customers, including architects, designers, builders and homeowners. This may involve expanding our product portfolio to include new styles, colors and textures, as well as targeting new market segments and geographies.

Overall, our goal is to continue to differentiate ourselves in the tile market through innovation, quality and customer service, while remaining true to our core values and commitment to sustainability. We will be looking for new and creative ways to enhance our market position, and we are confident we can continue to drive growth and success for Panariagroup USA and its brands in the years to come.

We will also continue to focus on operational excellence, streamlining our processes and improving our efficiencies to ensure that we can deliver our products on time and at a competitive cost. Overall, our goal is to remain a leader in the highly competitive and dynamic ceramic industry, and we will continue to make the necessary changes and investments to achieve this.

Is there anything else you would like to add about the future of the company or its potential moving forward?

Yes, I would like to emphasize the importance of our employees and the communities in which we operate. At Panariagroup USA, we are committed to fostering a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion, while creating a safe and supportive workplace for all our employees.

We also recognize the importance of giving back to the communities in which we operate, and we will support local charities and organizations through our corporate social responsibility programs.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to our customers, suppliers and partners for their ongoing support and collaboration. We are excited about the future of Panariagroup USA and its brands, and we look forward to continuing to work together to drive growth and success in the ceramic industry.

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