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Are you satisfied with the way your Pinterest brand page looks? Would you like it to be perfect?

A complete and flawless Pinterest brand page is the requisite to marketing yourself on Pinterest. A well set up brand page can help you attract more followers, who will actively engage with your pins. This can play a key role in driving website traffic, building a brand, generating sales, etc. So make sure your Pinterest brand page is complete by carefully reading all the tips in this article and implementing them to set up or optimize it…

1. Upload a Good Profile Image:

The first thing you need to do is to upload a good profile image. This should be something that is attractive and easy to identify. Your fans should know that it is your brand page as soon as they lay their eyes on it. So choose something like a Logo. If you don’t have a logo create an image on which the name of your company or business is written. The profile image is 165 X 165 pixels in size. But Pinterest recommends you to upload photos with square dimensions 600 X 600 pixels. The larger images will be resized to fit.

2. Choose a Relevant Business Name and Username:

Your Pinterest business name should be the same as your company name to make it easy for people to identify your brand page. The username can be the same as the company name, but make sure it is unique as only one user can use that name. If your company name isn’t available, choose a name that is similar to it. This will appear in your Pinterest page URL. Choosing a good relevant name will make your profile easy to locate through search engines.

3. Fill in the ‘About’ Section:

In the ‘about’ section, add a short bio about your company. Add details like, what your company does, what your page is about, what you share, etc. Like I mentioned keep it brief as you will need to stick to the 160 character limit. You could also add a few keywords to make it easy for people to locate your brand page through search engines. But make sure the bio is more engaging as it should be more about being social.

Also, don’t forget to add your location.

Cynthia Sanchez’s Pinterest brand page has a well written bio. You will notice that it is very engaging, which is what social media should focus on. She has also placed a few keywords like Pinterest, OhSoPinteresting (her business name), business, etc. This works out well for her, as she helps businesses with Pinterest which will help her page attract the right audience.

4. Add Your Social Media Accounts:

You have the options to add your Twitter and Facebook profiles to your Pinterest page. Adding the Twitter account is a step you shouldn’t miss as it will help you find your Twitter friends on Pinterest and it will also make it easy for you to share your pins on Twitter. Another benefit is that a link to your Twitter account will be displayed on your Pinterest page which can help you attract more Twitter followers.

Adding the Facebook account is up to you as it you can only add your profile and not your page. It provides almost the same benefits as adding a Twitter account. You will be able to find your Facebook friends on Pinterest, display a link to your Facebook profile, easily share your pins on Facebook, etc.

5. Add and Verify Your Websites:

You should not only add your website, but you should also verify it. When you verify your website, a tick mark will appear beside it, which will add credibility, thereby encouraging people to visit it. Verifying your website will also enable the analytics feature – with this you can study how well your website is performing on Pinterest.

6. Create Several Boards and Update Settings:

Boards are an important component of a Pinterest brand page. They can beautify and brand a page and can help them attract more followers. So at the beginning create as many boards as you can. A good Pinterest brand page, should have at least 5 to 10 boards. Once you create the boards update the board settings by adding a good description (this should be engaging, clear and SEO friendly) and adding a category.

Your Social Media Company has done a fantastic job in creating several boards on their Pinterest brand page. This is a nice way to promote themselves on Pinterest, as it will help them categorize their pins properly and it will give their followers the option to follow only boards they are interested in. As everyone will not be interested in every board, this can be very effective in helping them gain more followers.

7. Add Cover Images to Your Boards:

A great way to make your boards stand out and appear more beautiful not only as individuals, but also together with other boards is by adding cover images. You get to choose one pin from your entire board as your cover image. You can also drag it around till it looks its best.A brilliant way to make your boards standout is by adding labels. For this to work your cover image should be of the appropriate size. All the text should appear inside dimensions of 217 X 417 pixels.

8. Rearrange Boards:

You can also rearrange your board, so that your most important ones can be placed right at the top. The boards that you place at the top should be the ones you want your audience to see as soon as they visit your brand page. These boards should reflect what you share so that the visitor can decide whether they should follow you or not. Having your most popular boards at the top, can also help these boards attract more followers.

9. Invite Guest Pinners:

You need to make at least one of your boards into a guest board by inviting guest pinners. These boards can help build relationships, attract followers and drive massive levels of engagement.

11. Create Secret Boards:

You can also create three secret boards to help you add pins you wouldn’t like to share with your followers.

12. Promote Your Page:

After you finish your brand page, you need to promote it to help attract new followers. This can be done by adding the follow button, profile widget and board widget to your website. Other options would be finding friends with the find friends tool, running contests, offers, etc.

So browse through your profile, choose your most popular boards, make them into widgets and display them on your website to convert traffic into followers. If you would like to, you could also add a profile widget.

Follow all the steps one by one, and you will have a flawless Pinterest brand page which will help you thrive on Pinterest.

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