Preverco dealers sing praises

January 24, 2018

January 8/15, 2018: Volume 33, Issue 15

By Reginald Tucker


In its quest to further penetrate the U.S. market, Quebec-based Preverco is taking the less traditional route to market. Eschewing the standard approach that most suppliers employ when bringing product to market, Preverco is finding success in bypassing the distribution channel and in many cases marketing directly to retailers.

“This approach gives our retailers better margins because there is no middleman,” said Etienne Chabot, vice president of marketing. “By marketing directly to retailers and builders in the U.S., we provide better service to our customers because we have a direct relationship with them.”

Conventional wisdom dictates that hardwood flooring importers that forgo established distribution channels would be at a disadvantage. Reason being they cannot leverage the benefits of the infrastructure and capabilities distributors typically provide. But Chabot begs to differ. “We have multiple deliveries to the U.S. market every week, and we have also doubled our warehouse capacity here in Canada. This enables us to provide fast service to our customers in the U.S.”

Preverco is not only fast but also flexible. The company develops and manufactures products based on meeting customers’ demands for a quick turnaround without compromising quality. “We are structured in a way that allows us to quickly turn around orders for specific finishes, profiles and platforms,” Chabot explained.

Retailers and builders who handle the Preverco line attest to both its overall marketing strategy and emphasis on upholding high manufacturing standards.  “We started carrying the Preverco line in late 2015, and it has been our go-to product ever since,” said Mike Caroll, owner of Buffalo, N.Y.-based MP Caroll, a hardwood-only showroom. “Preverco is our leading line, which we consider an upscale offering. It’s super consistent with its milling and colors, and their attention to detail is unmatched.”

Caroll, whose business caters to both commercial and residential clients, also likes the fact that Preverco is able to provide a regular supply of product without delays. “We do a very high volume; we get two trucks a week from Preverco. The orders arrive as promised and we haven’t had any issues with the quality level. The biggest advantage is we deal direct, so the margins are better.”

Other Preverco retailers share similar experiences. Chuck Bode, executive vice president of CB Flooring based in Columbia, Md., is among them. “For Preverco, high quality manufacturing is its calling card. We haven’t had any claims.”

The accolades keep pouring in. For New-York-based Eastside Flooring, a wholesaler/retailer servicing the Tri-State area, the big selling point is the manufacturer’s deep offerings. “Preverco offers several options for various profiles of engineered and solid,” said Michael Flynn, owner. “You can get the same product across various platforms. They are setting the standard.”

Bobby Clawes, owner of Washington, D.C.-based Clawes Carpet, which operates five stores, is in agreement. “Preverco is simply a well-made product. They harvest lumber from its area, which produces a higher-end grade of wood. Plus, the finishing is beautiful.”


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