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(Editor’s note: Following is the second installment in a new series promoting Women of the Flooring Business, a social media group that provides members with a platform to share their experiences, observations and best practices.)

By Rachel Berlin When I was first approached by Lisbeth Calandrino and Michelle Winters to be an “admin” for the “Women of the Flooring Business” Facebook group, I said, “Why me? What do I have that makes me special?” But then I got to thinking, and I realized there is one thing that helps me stand out: I ask a lot of questions.

Now, I’m sure as a child that was probably an annoying trait to my parents, my coaches, my teachers and maybe even friends. But, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that everything lies in the questions you ask. I am no better or smarter than anyone else in the group—and certainly not this industry—but I can tell you that I’m not afraid to ask questions. And you shouldn’t be, either. We all started somewhere.

My role at Precision Floors & Decor in Plymouth is sales manager, or as I like to say, sales coach. I have no formal training, and I have no prior experience in this role. So, that’s where the Women of the Flooring Business comes in. They are all my coaches and mentors.

The group is full of amazing women who are much smarter than I am—or may ever be. But that’s the greatest part; we can lean on one another to improve ourselves, improve our questions and, ultimately, improve our knowledge. This is an amazing thing—to be surrounded (virtually and, hopefully soon, in person) by the best of the best. How cool is that?

Many of the things that I’ve learned from this group have been applied to my daily interactions with my team. Generally speaking, my sales team is all women, most of my clients are women and my best friends are women. So, how do we use our experiences to become the best version of ourselves? We challenge each other, we mentor and we grow. It’s amazing to watch my sales associates grow into one confident and capable sales machine.

It’s not just about the sale, though. It’s really about the relationship she has with the client. She just glows when she is “in the zone.” I know I had a little to do with that, but she is striving to get better and grow. And knowing you have a team behind you is a huge part of that growth. Every day might not be a great day, but there is something great in every day.

I encourage you all to invite other women to this group so we can continue to lift each other up—as well as create a safe space for all of us to ask those little questions that might be weighing heavy on our minds. I urge you to never be afraid to ask questions. You never know—you’re probably one question away from a breakthrough.

Rachel Berlin is an interior designer who has been in the flooring industry for 15 years. She is currently the sales manager at Precision Floors & Décor in Plymouth, Wis. Her passion in life is watching those around her grow.

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