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acousticsRegardless of how smoothly and promptly orders are processed, how effortlessly installations proceed, or how visually stunning the new flooring may be, one critical factor often gets overshadowed—unwanted noise. This is a recurring issue when flooring dealers emphasize aesthetics without considering acoustics.

By neglecting the acoustic aspect, flooring professionals run the risk of eroding brand trust and stunting business growth. Noise-related problems not only have the potential to mar individual transactions but could also lead to unfavorable reviews and impede customer referrals.

The solution is simple: teach your teams the art of “looking and listening” simultaneously. Here’s why it matters.

Every customer, whether they opt for affordable or luxury flooring, desires a home that serves as an oasis, shielding them from the chaotic world outside. No one wants to be plagued by the sounds of neighbors shouting, car horns blaring, tires screeching or the clamor of ongoing construction. Across all customer demographics, the common aspiration is a home free from distracting, irritating and disruptive noises—a place that enhances our daily lives. When homes provide genuine peace and tranquility, customers are more likely to enjoy restful nights of uninterrupted sleep. Moreover, those who work from home will experience fewer noise disruptions and families can expect to have more gatherings without the intrusion of external sounds, setting the stage for meaningful conversations and more enjoyable game and movie nights.

Additionally, acoustic flooring has also demonstrated its positive impact in schools. One study, for instance, highlighted how acoustic flooring in classrooms significantly enhanced students’ concentration and learning outcomes.

Following are the primary ways to achieve aesthetic and acoustic flooring success based on the type of property.

Condos, townhouses and villas. Acoustic flooring materials are designed to absorb sound waves, preventing them from bouncing off hard surfaces and creating echoes. This is a crucial flooring feature for multi-story and attached living spaces. There are two primary ways to achieve both acoustic performance and aesthetic appeal, with the preferred choice often being plush carpet of any style paired with an 8-pound or higher pad. With an abundance of colors and patterns offered, customers can secure their desired aesthetics while seamlessly aligning with their acoustic needs. If a harder flooring is preferred, luxury vinyl plank is a solid option as it features integrated acoustic padding to reduce impact and noise.

Single-family homes. Being detached doesn’t mean noise-less. In fact, acoustic flooring remains essential for stand-alone properties. It will provide sound transmission control that will help homeowners reduce noise that travels between floors, rooms and spaces, ensuring a peaceful environment. In some circumstances, some customers are encouraged to add a premium concrete underlayment to further decrease and soften sounds of footsteps and other airborne disturbances.

When your flooring business can successfully guide customers in balancing aesthetics with acoustics, this will create a harmonious blend of visual and auditory excellence, enhancing their comfort.

Kenny Klinger is CEO of Go Flooring, one of the nation’s fastest-growing flooring companies specializing in affordable to luxury flooring solutions with enhanced customer services for residential and commercial properties in the Southeast.

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