Floorforce set to revolutionize the retailer and manufacturer co-marketing relationship

Home News Floorforce set to revolutionize the retailer and manufacturer co-marketing relationship

Trailblazing marketing solutions company launches a unique application designed for manufacturers, distributors and retailers to reach more customers in more markets 

Boca Raton, Fla. — FloorForce, the cloud based technology company that launched earlier this year and is dedicated to delivering the best online marketing solutions to the floor covering industry, has announced the unveiling of an industry-first application designed to reach consumers during their optimum decision making period.  The new application is an online, leading-edge  “2D Product Catalog” that offers manufacturers, distributors and retailers the opportunity to market their products and brands online in local markets, to a focused audience that is in the process of searching for and purchasing flooring.

Once a manufacturer or distributor has set up their data connection with Floorforce, their product images, product specifications and marketing information is then available for authorized retailers to display and promote on their FloorForce website.  Not only can a dealer choose specifically which products and manufacturers to feature on their website, the dealer can also use their “Floorforce Control Center” to set the pricing displayed on their website, private label products, create a sale and highlight in-stock items.

While featuring the manufacturers and distributors products is one giant step toward building an ideal consumer shopping experience, the dealers online “2D Product Catalog” has several marketing opportunities for brands to speak to consumers at the most advantageous time during their visit to a flooring dealers website.  This is obviously once the consumer has become comfortable with the retailers website, has made the decision to look at products and has selected their desired product category.  At this point, Floorforce has designed the application to give dealers the opportunity to showcase their favorite brands in promotional banners directly next to the “2D Product Catalog”. This banner advertisement is easily added and managed by the retailer. These banners can be interactive and when clicked on, will lead the consumer directly to the brand or desired products in the dealers “2D Product Catalog”. This has already resulted in many win-win opportunities between dealers, distributors and manufacturers.

Unlike traditional co-op marketing opportunities such as Newspapers, TV or Radio, the Floorforce system allows brands to convey their message to consumers searching online for flooring at the pinnacle point of their search, in the most relevant place consumers shop today.  “No consumer is on a flooring retailers website by accident,” said Bobby Glennon, Chief Operating Officer of FloorForce.  “A consumer who arrives at a flooring retailers website is there for one reason, they are searching for flooring. To be able to advertise to them at that moment when they are searching for a particular type of flooring is extremely focused marketing and creates the most cost effective advertising opportunity for a manufacturer, distributor or brand that I have ever heard of in our industry.”

FloorForce is signing up independent flooring retailers at a very fast pace and estimates that the combined audience of their current sites is 30,000 unique visitors per month.  “This is already a terrific audience of highly qualified consumers for the brands and manufacturers, but this is just the beginning, that number will grow exponentially over time.  This is a manufacturers prime target audience,” added Bobby.  “This new application is destined to not only revolutionize the retailer/manufacturers co-op marketing relationship, but will also assist in building stronger relationships and joint opportunities for both sides.”

The “2D Product Catalog” and the “Dealer Control Center” are included in all four editions of the FloorForce dealer website offering.  These four editions allow the dealers a different number of authorized products to showcase on their website.  The manufacturers and distributors who participate with FloorForce pay nothing to have their products available for their authorized dealers to showcase, and they are free to negotiate with the retailers directly, for the banner advertisement opportunities on the dealers website.  For more information please visit www.floorforce.com.

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