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Marietta, Ga. — Seventeen Wools of New Zealand brand partners will be celebrating the beauty, softness and durability of New Zealand wool in the Wools of New Zealand pavilion at the 2013 Surfaces event, Jan. 29 to31, in Las Vegas. On a 19,000-square-foot oasis of green carpet, the group will fill the convention floor with eco-fabulous fashions and diverse designs.

At the Wools of New Zealand Surfaces booth, booth S-6135, attendees will have the opportunity to stuff a toy lamb with brilliantly colored wool and enter a sweepstakes for winning a small display sheep for their stores. Refreshments also will be served each afternoon.

At press time, the following mills have supplied information highlighting new products for the upcoming year.

(Please note the products listed have passed numerous tests to carry the Wools of New Zealand brand. Because not all carpets and rugs made of New Zealand wool carry the brand, it is important to mention the Wools of New Zealand brand when referring to these products.)


Bloomsburg Carpet Industries (Surfaces booth S-6141)

Bloomsburg Carpet Industries is introducing five new collections in 2013—all made of soft, high-performing, and renewably resourced New Zealand wool.

  • The Bling Collection: This collection makes a statement in a 216-pitch Wilton pairing of heather wool and eye-catching metallic yarns.
  • Do-Re-Mi Collection: This is a fresh duo of Lisa Slayman’s sophisticated patterns and Bloomsburg’s classic 216-pitch Wilton construction featuring wool and metallic yarns.
  • Soul Collection: This collection gets down to the essence of style with contemporary patterns done in Bloomsburg’s timeless 216-pitch Wilton construction of 100% New Zealand wool.
  • Stout Collection: This collection offers a full-bodied blend of brand new 100% wool yarns done in a 216-pitch Wilton construction.
  • IPA Collection: This collection is a single heddle velvet construction featuring 100% wool, full-bodied yarns.

The Bling Collection by Bloomsburg shines with style thanks to New Zealand wool and metallic yarns.

800-233-8773 / www.bloomsburgcarpet.com

The Dixie Group: Fabrica (Surfaces booth S-6261)

The Dixie Group continues to expand its 100% New Zealand wool offerings to meet the demands of discriminating buyers who value the aesthetic, environmental and enduring qualities inherent in wool fiber.

Fabrica developed its new custom Permaset wool program called Collage, which consists of eight custom patterns—all in 100% New Zealand wool. It will display these products at Surfaces 2013.

800-854-0357 / www.fabrica.com

Hagaman Carpet Industries

Hagaman Carpet Industries is spicing up its current line with new, trendy bright colors in durable and soft New Zealand wool. Colors in 2013 products complement Hagaman’s traditional styling and timeless color selections.

The top-of-the-line Deluxe Broadloom Collection by Hagaman features a robust 63 ounces of 100% Wools of New Zealand Brand wool. In fact, it has been called one of the best-tested wool carpets in the industry.

Hagaman will show this year’s new wool products, including the new shades of the Deluxe Broadloom Collection, in a private suite at Mandalay Bay during Surfaces. Please check with the concierge at Mandalay Bay for Hagaman’s suite number and schedule or contact Karen@HagamanCarpet.com.

800-448-0279 / www.hagamancarpet.com

Hibernia Woolen Mills

Hibernia sets off on a new journey into color and woven pattern in 2013 with Tara Point. In Tara Point, Hibernia has crafted a soft, luxurious product in performance-driven Wools of New Zealand yarn.

Tara Point’s new color direction includes a palette that runs from Blue Jay and Fawn to Forget Me Not, a mix of lavender with a hint of pale white. Hibernia chose 100% Wools of New Zealand yarn for color clarity and durability.

As for design, Tara Point sets itself apart by the scale of the diamond. It is the perfect size for any room—not too big, not too small.

888-588-9665 / www.hiberniawoolcarpets.com

J Mish Carpet (Surfaces booth S-6125)

J Mish launches 2013 with a classic linear look in an updated color line: Lauren. Constructed of 100% New Zealand wool, Lauren uses an exclusive J Mish tufting technology that allows for a width-wise ribbed effect that is normally only found in woven products. Lauren’s palette could best be described as “Ivy League,” featuring traditional bold colors with a 2013 flair.

Suggested retail price is $9 / sq. ft.

800-655-8613 / www.jmishinc.com

Karastan (Various Mohawk winter markets, including Mohawk’s Western Regional show which is held at Mandalay Bay in conjunction with Surfaces, as well as at the Atlanta Rug Market)

Karastan is the largest processor of wool carpets and rugs in America, and the company draws on this tradition and heritage with three dramatic new wool introductions for 2013.

“Karastan symbolizes wool,” said David Duncan, senior vice president of marketing for Karastan. “We are the only company in the nation to control every step of the wool manufacturing process, from fiber to fashion, and this is a significant advantage for our retailer. With our 2013 introductions, we’re using our wool expertise to give retailers and consumers stunning new products in this timeless fiber.”

Duncan said that Karastan chose to use 100% New Zealand wool over other wool types because of its superior characteristics. New Zealand wool is the purest, whitest wool in the world, offering excellent dyeing characteristics that create long-lasting colors.

Karastan’s wool introductions for 2013 include:

  • Leighland: A style that builds upon the success of recent introductions Glovenia and Weaver’s Point, Leighland has a “key-like” design that is sure to make a statement in any room.
  • Lindley Park: This introduction redefines style by offering a simple but elegant organic pattern in neutral earth tones.
  • Woolston Plaid: Drawing on Karastan’s heritage, Woolston Plaid provides a modern twist to a traditional pattern that has been a classic hit for years.

800-845-8877 / www.karastan.com

Momeni (Surfaces booth S-6219)

Momeni debuts two wool beauties from distant lands at Surfaces 2013 and World Market in Las Vegas: Majestic and Mont Blanc.

  • Majestic: From China, Majestic is a cut-pile, ultra-thick, ultra-luxurious, windswept look. It is 100% handmade by master hand-tufting artists using the finest Wools of New Zealand brand wool. The colors are perfect for any décor. The width is 13’1”.
  • Mont Blanc: Mont Blanc comes from India and combines Wools of New Zealand wool with the rarest of wool from the highest mountains in the world. It is 100% handmade in a very dense, heavy, cut-pile construction. The design is a subtle stria where the pattern just peeks through.

Suggested retail prices are not available.

800-536-6778 / www.momeni.com

Nourison (Surfaces booth S-6413)

In 2013, Nourison will be adding a number of Wools of New Zealand products to its New Horizons Area Rug Collection, its Nepal Area Rugs and Broadloom Collection, and its Heavenly Area Rugs and Broadloom Collection. All will be featured at Surfaces as well as other winter markets.

New Horizons Area Rug Collection: This collection of traditional Persian designs woven in 100% Wools of New Zealand wool brings a touch of classic elegance to any setting. It features richly detailed patterns in muted colors and understated tones. Nourison’s New Horizons rugs offer a range of tasteful decorating preferences and turn any space instantly into a sophisticated interior.

  • HRZ01 Parchment: A dreamy, misty effect is achieved with a sophisticated color palette in a range of muted neutrals grounded on warm parchment. Classic Persian floral motifs float across the space, rhythmically connected on a grid of delicate vines.
  • HRZ04 Nickel: The classic elegance of Persian opulence is captured in this rich design featuring a lush profusion of vines and flowers. An orderly border contains the abundance. Its muted neutral tones are shown to advantage on a ground of warm nickel silver.
  • HRZ05 Muslin: Today’s new neutrals bring a light touch to classic Persian heritage in this subtle and unusual design. Conceived in the most delicate shades of tea-tinted muslin, it is light, open and airy.

Nepal Area Rugs and Broadloom Collection: The exotic art and splendor of the East comes alive with the Nepal Area Rugs and Broadloom Collection. This exciting new collection from Nourison features captivating designs in exotic hues and is hand-carved. The Nepal Collection is power loomed to replicate the traditional hand-woven rugs of the Himalayan region in superb detail. They are constructed from premium New Zealand wool and embellished with silk-like highlights in viscose for added texture and sheen.

Heavenly Area Rugs and Broadloom Collection: The Heavenly Area Rugs and Broadloom Collection features fine, densely woven New Zealand wool, specially dyed for a distinctive “abrash” effect, with hand embossing of the design elements to create unbelievable texture and three-dimensional effects.

In addition to Surfaces, Nourison will feature all of these collections at the following markets in January/February:

  • Atlanta Rug Market—Space 3F2, Atlanta Merchandise Mart
  • Las Vegas Market—Suite C112, World Market Center, Building C

800-223-1110 / www.nourison.com

Prestige Mills (Surfaces booth S-6325)

Prestige Mills, the company that includes Weave-Tuft Carpet and Concepts International, will introduce several new products crafted of New Zealand wool at Surfaces, including Shane and Passport.

Shane and Passport are both woven loop pile Wiltons made in the USA of 100 % New Zealand wool. They feature geometric patterns designed to enhance both traditional and contemporary interiors. The color palette consists of natural grays and beiges and subtle shades of blue and green. Both come in 12-foot widths and have a coordinating 6¾-inch border.

New wool products will also be added to Prestige Mills’ other collections in 2013:

  • The Missoni Collection has striking new wool designs in distinctive “couture” color combinations.
  • The Jack Lenor Larsen Collection has added handsome new wool textures for that special area.
  • The Rodeo Mills Collection is a highly specialized selection of hand-tufted contemporary designs and unusual textures—many combining wool with Lurex accents.

Concepts International, a division of Prestige Mills, has moved to a larger showroom at the 2013 Atlanta Rug Market, which runs Jan. 10 to13. It will display its Wools of New Zealand wool rugs in Space 3-D-18 on the third floor of Building 1 of the Merchandise Mart.

800-223-1224 / www.prestigemills.com

Shaw Living (At Shaw’s various winter markets, including its SFN dealer convention, as well as at the Atlanta Rug Market)

Shaw Living has added six designs to its premier wool collection, Arabesque. Woven of the finest New Zealand wool, this luxurious collection combines a subtle patina with a fashionable color palette of rich earth tones including ivory cream, polished copper, antique gold, pale leaf green, blue smoke, firebrick red, cocoa and cannon black. The new designs are inspired by designs found in hand-knotted antiques. Sizes available range from 2′ x 2’9″ to 9’6″ x 13′, with select designs available in rounds and 12′ x 15′..

Shaw Living will be featuring its wool collections at several 2013 winter markets:

  • Atlanta Rug Market, Jan.10 to 13. Showroom: Merchandise Mart, Suite 6A2
  • Las Vegas Market, Jan. 28 to Feb. 1. Showroom: World Market Center Building B, Suite B449-455

For more information on Shaw regional events, visit www.shawshows.com.

800-441-7429 / www.shawliving.com

Stanton Carpet (Surfaces booth S-6536)

During Surfaces 2013, Stanton Carpet will debut a new wool product, Alta, and reintroduce its highly popular Stanton Elite 2016 Display.

Alta: Constructed from all-natural New Zealand wool, Alta displays thick loops in an evenly placed dimension. It is available in four soft tonal hues and offers true beauty in its tightly woven Wools of New Zealand brand fibers.

Stanton Elite 2016 Display: Stanton is proud to reintroduce the all-new 2016 Elite Display. This highly popular two-unit display features a sleek wood grain finish to match Stanton’s Atelier Display. Newly designed columns provide a more visible side view, while row lighting sports more light with less heat. One Elite Display now includes two units containing 140 pins (70 each unit) for the ultimate in flexible layout. The new 140-pin capacity allows for room to grow (there’s space for an add-on display) as well as makes it easier to organize products into segmented product categories.

706-624-9385 / www.stantoncarpet.com

Tisca Tiara

The Swiss carpet expert Tisca Tiara is dedicated to transforming living spaces into nature-like oases with soft and durable wool products like its new Tisca Catalan.

This dense broadloom is inspired by nature and offers a “wild beauty.” Made of 100% pure New Zealand wool, it has a lush feel and features Tisca Tiara’s special backing, Tiara RT Non-Slip, which guarantees non-slip performance and clean cutting for easy installation over hard flooring.

Wool carpets such as Tisca Catalan absorb water from the air without feeling wet to the touch. This ability helps to stabilize humidity by retaining and releasing moisture during periods of high or low atmospheric humidity, creating a more comfortable and natural indoor environment.

866-236-0847 / www.tiscatiara.com

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