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HS SturdyBy Ken Ryan—Schönox HS Sturdy, a rapid-drying, repair and smoothing compound, was a Best of Surfaces winner in June for technology. The product incorporates the company’s patented Hybrid Active-Dry technology to create a powerful solution that combines versatility and strength.

HS Sturdy provides a smooth finish on various substrates in interior areas. Schönox HS Sturdy can be installed as a true featheredge up to 2-inch depths.

HS Sturdy provides installers with a fully integrated series of hybrid products that combine the versatility, strength and durability of synthetic gypsum with the speed of fast-curing cement. It has low pH, very low emissions and special dust-reduced properties that are said to deliver on the industry leading safety goals the company has in place.

FCNews senior editor, Ken Ryan, caught up with Schönox CEO, Thomas Trissl, to discuss the award-winning product.

Thomas Trissl, Schönox CEO, encouraged Surfaces attendees to see firsthand the virtues of the patented Hybrid Active-Dry technology.

What was the reaction at Surfaces to HS Sturdy?

HS Sturdy had a great reaction at Surfaces. It won best technology at this year’s show and with our “Hands ON” theme for the show, we were able to allow attendees a chance to apply the material and see the technology in action. We did around six demos per day and each demo had a great turnout.

Can HS Sturdy be used for commercial jobs?

With an extremely wide range of approved substates, like concrete, gypsum and even old floor coverings, HS Sturdy can be used in all situations to speed up installations. Another major benefit is that HS Sturdy provides contractors versatility in the application. The same product can be used as a true skim coat and can also be ramped up to 2 inches. With these characteristics, HS Sturdy can handle a range of common issues found on the job site. The only thing HS Sturdy can’t handle is high moisture situations, but that’s why we have SL.

How long has Hybrid Active-Dry technology been in your product portfolio?

Hybrid Active Dry is a patented technology invented by Schönox and brought to the U.S. market around 2018. We have always had a great reputation for repairing subfloors with our line of synthetic gypsum leveling compounds. Our synthetic line of self-leveling compounds dry through evaporation; therefore, there is minimal shrinkage, which allows us to apply those products over a range of substrates and focus on reno vs. demo.

The only downfall of those products (AP, APF, AST) is the dry time is slower than the cementitious self-leveling counterparts. We knew if we could combine the benefits of the non-shrinking synthetics and the fast-drying cementitious that we would be able to offer a very enticing solution, and that’s what we have accomplished.

How does the technology benefit installers?

Hybrid Active-Dry allows installers to repair critical substrates, from 1⁄8-inch to 3 inches deep, with the ability to install floor coverings as soon as 48 hours. This ability to repair floors at those depths and that speed is something only offered at Schönox with our line of hybrid products.

You said this technology allows HS Sturdy “to dry independently of the job site’s environmental conditions” with minimal shrinkage or expansion. Can you elaborate?

In most flooring situations, manufacturers require the space to be acclimated. Sometimes, the space being acclimated is only considered in the job when it is time to lay the floor covering and not during the prep process. Hybrid Active-Dry technology ensures that those materials will not be affected by environmental conditions. Whether its high humidity, cold temperatures or no air flow on the job sites, products with the Schönox Hybrid Active Dry technology will dry within the range given on the technical data sheets. Climates in the North American market can be extremely different from coast to coast so here at Schonox we want to provide installers with a product that—no matter what depth—will dry accordingly to ensure construction delays are not an issue.

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