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RFMSWhat makes RFMS stand apart from the pack? Is it its extensive suite of tools to meet a variety of end-user needs? Or is it the various educational training sessions offered to aid clients in integrating RFMS software successfully into their day-to-day operations? While the software and services that a company offers are vital to its success, at the end of the day, it’s the people who make all the difference.

“My experience with RFMS started 30 years ago,” said Debbie Kennedy, director of software support, RFMS. “[My family business] ended up getting RFMS the same time we joined a buying group, which was fantastic because of the private-labeling abilities that RFMS had and it became my new passion—my new love.”

After giving it around 20 years of thought, Kennedy left her family business she was with since she was 16 to go work for RFMS in 2012. “I think our support goes above and beyond what is available out there in other companies,” she told FCNews. “The amount of experience our people have as end-users not only gives us the well-rounded knowledge of the software but also remembering what it was like to be on the other end of the software when you have a deadline in an hour and can’t figure out how to do something. We remember those feelings and we can empathize and help the client as quickly as possible.”

From a technical stand-point, Kennedy said RFMS’ Business Insights is a cut above the rest. Business Insights is a data visualization tool that provides performance indicators, allowing users to see various factors such as changes in sales revenue, volume, gross margin, expenses and net profit. What makes this tool unique is its benchmarking feature that can be used with other companies. For users who utilize Business Insights, their information is kept anonymous. By doing this, they can view how their business is doing with sales and profits compared to others in their area.

Aside from the bells and whistles, the experience of the RFMS staff is also worth noting. As Kennedy explained: “If a trainer is on site and they have a problem, if a sales rep is working with a client and they have an immediate question, we provide the knowledge and the support and training possibilities for our clients. When they’re better in their software, they’re better in their company and they’re making more money.”

R.J. Peterson, director of training and implementation, cited RFMS’ unified platform as a key differentiator. “We have apps that run on any platform whether it be Apple, Android, Windows,” he explained. “The best part is that it’s all connected; it’s all together. As we continue to grow and evolve as technology continues to advance, we can continue to build more apps. Just having that unified platform that takes care of the job from cradle to grave is probably the biggest strength of RFMS.”

Back in 2000, the flooring store that Peterson worked at became an RFMS client. It was his job to help implement it, which sparked his interest. Over time, he and a few workers broke away from that location, opened their own store and used RFMS from day one. In the first two years in business, the store generated $6 million in revenue.

Peterson said he likes the fact that the tools and systems RFMS offers can evolve as the needs of the client changes. “We listen to our client base in terms of program enhancements and applications that we need to build,” he explained. “That’s one of the things that we try to do— keep our ear to the ground and listen to client feedback because our clients are the ones using the software and we need to give them a tool that works the best for their business.”

Peterson is not alone. Bruce Odette, president, Carpet Exchange, Denver, Colo., has been using RFMS for a little over six years. He told FCNews that using RFMS tools has made his job easier. In particular, it’s helpful to have unlimited access to data that he can react to quickly. The customer service RFMS provides is also a big plus. “When there is an issue with your software, a quick response time is critical,” Odette explained. “The RFMS team has met and exceeded our expectations. They are constantly innovating and enhancing efficiencies to put us at the forefront of our industry.”

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