Daltile’s Grilli highlights more hot tile trends for 2021

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tile trends
Daltile’s extra-large Panoramic Porcelain Surfaces slab

Dallas, Texas—Continuing the identification of hot tile trends for 2021, Daltile’s lead product designer, Laura Grilli, has added “Beautiful Luxe” as a sub-trend of the larger design movement of well-being.

“Being surrounded by a beautiful context makes us feel better and contributes to our well-being,” explained Grilli. “However, it is interesting how the concept of beauty and luxury is changing. Beauty and luxury do not mean opulence and redundant luxe in 2021, but rather creating harmony and an aesthetic that feels lovely, not showy. Luxury this year will be expressed through high-end materials such as expensive fabrics, marbles and precious woods combining with good-quality craftsmanship to add sophisticated warmth to a space and a sense of intimacy.”

In tile trends, Grilli said, Beautiful Luxe will be expressed through marble looks, such as Daltile’s extra-large Panoramic Porcelain Surfaces slab line; bold and darker marbles; and polished finishes with golden, brass and silver elements inserted into stone mosaics, such as in Daltile’s Lavaliere collection.

In the Beautiful Luxe tile trends, she continued, there is an influence of Art Deco through rich materials and fine craftmanship. “However, Beautiful Luxe features only a few statement pieces, rather than a room full, and by doing so lets the details and the valuable finishing of individual pieces take a bow,” she noted. “If the original Art Deco movement of the past lent itself to ‘show off opulence’, 2021’s Beautiful Luxe is more about creating something lovely.”

As in all good design, color will be a key component in creating a Luxe ambiance, Grilli added. “Rich colors such as those found in Daltile’s Color Wheel collection will contribute to creating luxe, but not an intimidating luxe, an intimate and comforting one.”

Colors include:

Dark Navy Blue

tile trends
Daltile’s Efflorescent

“Blue is the color of trust,” Grilli said. “It is the shade of the sea and the sky, and is thought to induce calm and tranquility, serenity and peace. It is the color of confidence and loyalty and is used to reduce stress, to relax and create order.Dark navy blue is beautiful when combined with gold accents and with white marble looks. Daltile’s Panoramic Couture features all three of these colors in its Efflourescent porcelain slabs.”


tile trends
Daltile’s Color Wave, Purple Magic mosaic tiles

“Purple majestically mixes the energy of red with the calm of blue; it is considered the color of spirituality,” Grilli said. “Daltile’s Color Wheel collection offers two different shades of purple, Daltile’s Wood Violet and Daltile’s Plum Crazy, representing the colors found in Amethyst crystal. Amethyst is thought to have soothing powers and be able to relieve stress and strain. The color of purple inspires reflection and self-awareness. It is the color of connection to the universe of consciousness, of what is happening in our planet and around us as human beings. Purple has always been associated with royalty, quality and luxury. Daltile nicely brings this color to life in its Daltile Color Wave, Purple Magic mosaic tiles.”

Black & White

Daltile’s Vertuo

“White is the color of purity, innocence and hope,” Grilli said. “It is the true balance of all colors as white is total reflection. White is associated with cleanliness, simplicity and perfection. Sometimes white needs black to shine even more and to complete itself. Designers and brands are experimenting with new takes on black and white; using a lot of different materials; creating infinite patterns, grids and stripes; playing with light and shadow and optical effects. We saw a lot of these exciting combinations at the last Cersaie show in 2019. Daltile’s Vertuo is a perfect example of exciting experimentation with black and white. Also, Daltile’s Color Wheel collection features Daltile’s Black and Daltile’s Artic White, perfect for creating a Beautiful Luxe aesthetic in a space.”

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