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Underlayment is a crucial part of the flooring installation process. Its benefits include sound absorption, moisture protection, substrate leveling and more. 

Choosing the right underlayment for your needs is key as many are designed with specific purposes in mind. Following are the latest in underlayments and how they each shine.


Vinyl Trends: Eternity LVT SG

For vinyl plank floors that click together, Vinyl Trends recommends Eternity LVT SG. Eternity is zero VOC and features an acoustic performance of IIC 71, STC 67 and Delta 24, reducing the noise transfer from living space above to living space below. 

What’s more, the “SG” signifies the inclusion of the company’s Seal Guard system, its patented advanced seaming system to protect the finish floor from subfloor moisture vapor. Seal Guard protects the seam with 7x the vapor barrier strength of 6-mil poly.

TotalWorx: Pet Perfect Underlayment

This LVT underlayment offers exceptional sound suppression with an IIC 72 rating, alongside a dependable moisture barrier, making it an optimal choice for active homes. 

Especially beneficial for basements, Pet Perfect Underlayment’s thermal insulation enhances overall comfort. Moreover, its shock-absorbing technology bolsters the floor locking system, ensuring heightened comfort levels. Featuring fanfold panels that lie flat and convenient grid lines for easy cutting.

MP Global: QuietBoard & QuietWalk LV

QuietWalk LV is a 1.4mm rolled fiber underlayment designed for vinyl planks, even with padding already attached. It is thin and dense with a Delta IIC of 28. 

QuietBoard is a 1/4-inch fiber board that comes in easy-to-layout panels. It is a great subfloor assist by helping to raise the subfloor when removing thicker flooring materials and replacing it with thinner materials like vinyl planks. 

Both products offer a unique upselling opportunity for added comfort benefits.


Sika/Dritac: Level 050 Slope Rapid

SikaLevel-050 Slope Rapid is ideal for the repairing and smoothing of interior concrete and plywood floor substrates. It can fill voids, holes, cracks and plywood seams from a feather edge to 2 inches thick. It smooths and finishes substrates in under one hour, prior to the installation of resilient, carpet, ceramic tile and stone tile. With an initial set time of 30 minutes, dry time of under one hour and no MVER limitations, SikaLevel-050 Slope Rapid is the solution when it comes to user-friendliness and overall workability.

Maxxon: Commercial Level EZ

Hydraulic cement-based Maxxon Commercial Level EZ is a low-prep self-leveling underlayment ideal for smoothing and capping gypsum and concrete subfloors. It has a highly flowable nature allowing for effortless smoothing of floors. It can be walked on in as little as two hours. 

Commercial Level EZ offers a exceptional performance, along with superior value and efficiency.


We Cork: Warn & Quiet 2mm Vapor Barrier

The Warm & Quiet 2mm Vapor Barrier from WE Cork is a 2mm cork underlayment with a polyurethane binder serving as a moisture barrier. This product saves installation time, ultimately reducing labor costs. It provides sound control, thermal insulation and moisture protection. Cork is especially important in this underlayment because it doesn’t lose its shape over time. 

Palziv: HQ Living Carpet Cushion

This product is made of polyethylene foam that is inherently waterproof, outperforming traditional urethane carpet cushions because it doesn’t absorb water. It performs well on concrete where moisture control is the most important. 

Along with its natural water- repellant makeup, it features an antimicrobial treatment to stop the growth of mold, mildew and fungi. 

Leggett & Platt: Scotchgard Guardian

Scotchgard Guardian features high-performance synthetic fiber for protection under most flooring types. It reduces impact and airborne noise while providing long-term comfort and support. It has a Block-Out Moisture Guard with Vapor Layer Protection to prevent spills from reaching the subfloor and allows moisture vapor to escape. The Fresh Dimension antimicrobial inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria.

Future Foam: My Name is Best

My Name Is Best cushion features a unique and exclusive formulation made from high-density virgin memory foam with extreme grind for comfort, conformity and long-lasting performance. Proprietary nylon film is used for impermeability to avoid spills soaking into cushion. It also includes PetSolutions technology to protect against pet accidents while preventing spills from reaching the subfloor. 

Performance Accessories: Platinum Fanfold Underlayment

This underlayment features a fanfold design that stores easier on a shelf, is faster and easier to install and can be installed by one person. It lays flat and is said to offer superior R-value over many other roll products. Its moisture barrier layer is also designed to be superior to a 6-mil poly, and it gives excellent sound reduction.

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